Safety Products Videos

Choose from our collection of videos from manufacturers, webinar replays, instructional videos and installation videos to help you work more efficiency, safely and productively. Learn how Graybar has helped other businesses by calling us at 1-800-GRAYBAR.

  • Improving Electrical Safety Compliance: Arc Flash & LOTO

    In this webinar, you will be guided through the process for creating and sustaining world-class lockout procedures followed by a comprehensive review of the recent changes to the recognized industry standard for Arc Flash compliance – NFPA 70E.


  • Don’t Be in the Dark: 3 of the Biggest Misconceptions About Outdoor LED Lighting (and How to Overcome Them)

    While LED lighting has become the predominant light source in new construction, many existing facilities still use and maintain costly and inefficient exterior lighting fixtures. The rapid pace of product and technology advancements reinforce the need for facility leaders to challenge long-held perceptions about relighting outdoor spaces. This webinar from Acuity Brands will discuss strategies to overcome the 3 biggest misconceptions about LED lighting for outdoor applications.


  • [VID] 3M Fire Barrier Planks, Blocks and Plugs. Stack. Seal. Done.

    3M introduces their latest firestop solutions for firestopping penetrations through rated walls: fire barrier planks; fire rated blocks and fire rated plugs.


  • The Unshocking Truth About Electrical Measurement Testing

    Making a mistake while working on a high-energy electrical system can deliver a deadly blow to anyone who fails to take the right safety precautions. Join Fluke for an informative presentation that can help you avoid such hazards. An expert from Fluke Corporation will discuss the electrical dangers you may face in the workplace, the safety standards to protect you and the best practices involved with test tool safety.


  • [VID] 3M Pink Hard Hat Campaign

    Hard hats have a shelf life and there is a time frame involved with them, typically 2-5 years. 3M has built into the hard hat a unique feature called the UVicator. When the UVicator goes from red to white, it means that the plastic has probably become brittle from sun shining on it and the hard hat will need to be replaced.


  • Reducing Cost of Ownership for Surveillance Systems

    Join us for a discussion with Samsung’s surveillance expert, Aaron M Saks, MSIT, on technologies that help reduce hardware cost, simplify installation and reduce total cost of ownership. This presentation will cover ways to increase server capacity, maintain image quality and enhance your overall surveillance experience.


  • Tips for Reducing Workplace Incidents – Fall Protection and Lockout Tagout

    Fall protection and Lockout Tagout rank in the top 10 of OSHA’s most-cited violations. This 40-minute webinar will walk you through the ABCs of fall protection from anchorage to escape and the 5 steps necessary to comply with OSHA's Control of Hazardous Energy Standard, 29CFR 1910.147.


  • Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems USB Charger Outlets

    Hubbell’s USB Charger product offering features Receptacles and 4 Port Outlets. Designed to provide more charging options for personal electronics, the USB ports are capable of charging multiple smart devices simultaneously.


  • [VID] Brady Lockout/Tagout Solutions and Link360 Video

    Mike Nornberg, Channel Manager at Brady explains Brady's lockout/tagout solutions and their cloud-based application called Link360. Watch the video.


  • [VID] 3M MIY Biometric Access Control Readers

    These indoor or outdoor access control readers can communicate with any existing access control system and are configurable. Configure different layers of security or processes at every door so you can layer your security throughout the building. Learn more.