G2Talk PowerSmart Webinar Videos

Choose from our collection of webinar replays on energy efficient products and services to help you work more efficiency, safely and productively. Learn how Graybar has helped other businesses by calling us at 1-800-GRAYBAR.

  • Evolution of In-Building Networks

    Local area networks and in-building wireless needs are evolving. Smarter buildings and demand for data require robust networks. Fiber-based networks provide a unique value proposition by bringing network access and intelligence closer to end-users. Watch this webinar on demand.


  • Power is the New Signal

    Cabling performance has been measured historically in terms of information capacity. A new LAN deployment strategy called Direct Connect can maximize PDE by effectively connecting equipment to end devices with a channel made entirely with horizontal cabling. Direct Connect does require the attachment of a plug and testing in the field. New developments in the standards is available to make this a practical deployment strategy and offer an efficient method to deliver data and power to end devices.


  • HDBaseT – Structured Connectivity for Digital A/V

    As we enter a new world of UltraHD and advanced digital AV content we find that we must manage signals which may demand as much as 20Gbit/s thru-put. HDBaseT was certified by the IEEE as a global standard for advanced AV connectivity in February 2015. In this session Legrand will dissect and explore HDBaseT technology and applications. 


  • Aged Infrastructure: Ensuring Yesterday's Solutions Meet Today's Needs

    Many data centers built in the late 90’s and early 2000’s are nearing the end of their service life or perhaps running short on key resources (power/cooling/space). With increased demands placed on the physical infrastructure and continued evolution of technology, owners and operators are faced with significant challenges. Join us for a discussion on strategies to consider that may help manage our aging infrastructure.


  • Don’t Be in the Dark: 3 of the Biggest Misconceptions About Outdoor LED Lighting (and How to Overcome Them)

    While LED lighting has become the predominant light source in new construction, many existing facilities still use and maintain costly and inefficient exterior lighting fixtures. The rapid pace of product and technology advancements reinforce the need for facility leaders to challenge long-held perceptions about relighting outdoor spaces. This webinar from Acuity Brands will discuss strategies to overcome the 3 biggest misconceptions about LED lighting for outdoor applications.


  • The Unshocking Truth About Electrical Measurement Testing

    Making a mistake while working on a high-energy electrical system can deliver a deadly blow to anyone who fails to take the right safety precautions. Join Fluke for an informative presentation that can help you avoid such hazards. An expert from Fluke Corporation will discuss the electrical dangers you may face in the workplace, the safety standards to protect you and the best practices involved with test tool safety.


  • Why Base-8 in the Data Center?

    From cable management to data designs that scale for migration, knowing the facts about fiber utilization and the case for Base-8 can ensure you’re future ready. Hear firsthand from a Corning expert the questions you need to ask and the tips you need to know to manage and minimize your total cost of ownership.


  • Advantages of Cloud-Based Testing in the Datacom World

    Datacom installers certify cabling systems for many reasons: To support manufacturer warranty requirements, meet customer qualifications, or just to ensure quality workmanship. Managing the certification job efficiently is critical to the quality and timely completion of the job. In this Fluke Networks webinar, learn how cloud-based products can eliminate errors and rework, reduce time required to complete the job, and ensure all testing is done as per specification.


  • What You Haven’t Heard About LED Upgrades – But Should!

    When considering a lighting upgrade to LED, the brochure makes it all look so easy. The reality is there's a lot more to consider than you may realize. Graybar and special guest presenter Shelli Sedlak, Senior Lighting Specialist at the prestigious GE Nela Park Lighting Institute, conduct a lively discussion on important but often overlooked considerations regarding lighting upgrades. Watch the replay now.


  • 40GBASE-T: Strategies for a Simple Network Migration

    The explosion of data traffic has a profound impact on demand for increased bandwidth. To keep pace, an Ethernet migration plan is quickly becoming a matter of survival. Data centers are moving to 10G and 40G Ethernet links as the data center network connections of choice. Join Leviton Network Solutions for an informative webinar outlining the best strategies for moving from 1G to 40G using category-rated copper networks.