Energy Products Videos

Choose from our collection of videos from manufacturers, webinar replays, instructional videos and installation videos to help you work more efficiency, safely and productively. Learn how Graybar has helped other businesses by calling us at 1-800-GRAYBAR.

  • [Vid] The Most Configurable High Bay: I-BEAM IBG LED High Bay from Acuity Brands

    Lithonia Lighting I-BEAM IBG High Bay is the most configurable high bay in the industry. It has the perfect mix of visual comfort and efficiency that's on the market today.


  • An Energy Efficient Three-in-One: Sensor Switch WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch

    Constantly changing energy codes can leave you stuck with outdated equipment, requiring a host of switches, sensors, and powerpacks to remain compliant. The WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch by Sensor Switch simplifies your electrical installation by combining dimming, occupancy sensing, and photocontrol features into one efficient device. Save money and stay ahead of changing energy codes with the easy-to-use WSX D Dimming Occupancy Wall Switch. Learn more.


  • How LED Lighting Can Make You A Warehouse Rock Star

    Join GE Lighting and Graybar as they separate the fact from fiction when it comes to lighting renovation in warehouses and distribution centers. This webinar will cover the benefits of new high bay lighting solutions, including costs, energy savings, lifespan, and brightness, while demonstrating how old HID and fluorescent lighting could be costing you more than you think. We’ll provide the tips you need to implement a hassle-free lighting upgrade.


  • [VID] LumaWatt Wireless Control Solution for Outdoor Spaces

    LumaWatt allows end users to save energy through time scheduling control, through daylight harvesting, through occupancy control.


  • [VID] FirstLight Fully Integrated Solar LED Lighting

    FirstLight offers fully integrated solar LED lighting products. We have a bollard product category. We also offer pull mounted luminaires for area and sight light applications. We see those being used a lot for pathways and parking lot applications.


  • Reducing Cost of Ownership for Surveillance Systems

    Join us for a discussion with Samsung’s surveillance expert, Aaron M Saks, MSIT, on technologies that help reduce hardware cost, simplify installation and reduce total cost of ownership. This presentation will cover ways to increase server capacity, maintain image quality and enhance your overall surveillance experience.


  • What You Need to Know about LED Tubes and Plug-ins

    Fluorescent lighting is everywhere – and LED lighting is ready to take its place! LED Tubes and now LED plug-ins can replace some of the most common linear and compact fluorescent lamps used today, and are emerging as the leading retrofit solutions for warehouses, retail and other large commercial spaces. This webinar will review key product options, their performance and application guidelines.


  • [VID] Passive Infrared and Dual Technology in a Wireless Sensor from Sensor Switch

    The new Sensor Switch wireless sensor is both passive infrared and dual technology which is the first in the market to offer that.


  • [VID] Interchangeable Lenses Save Industrial Contractors Labor Time

    The LSXR series of high bay occupancy sensors from Sensor Switch can have up to four different interchangeable lenses, making application in the field very easy.


  • [VID] Fuses Made Simple with Bussmann by Eaton

    Bussmann by Eaton is packaging their fuses in a whole new way: Fuses Made Simple. The fuses to my right are the branch circuit fuses. These are the UL class rated fuses, proved by UL to use for a branch circuit protection anywhere on the circuit. These fuses here to my left are the control circuit fuses. They don't have a class rating; they're more supplementary-type fuses that supplement the class rated fuses.