Using The Site

What's New:

In addition to improving some of the site features, we have also made some big changes that will help you get what you need, where you need it

    • See what's available at your local branch, buy online, and pick up for free! No more paying Ship-to-Store costs.
    • Now that the Online Store is connected with all Graybar locations nationwide, you will see inventory available in your area, expanding your options.
    • With more fulfillment locations close to you, your shipments can be grouped more effectively to get you what you need faster.

In order to take advantage of all our new changes, be sure to log in to your account and confirm your shipping or pickup location at the top of the page before you start shopping. That way you can see the most relevant product availability for your area.

Don’t have an account yet? You can still select your shipping ZIP code or preferred pick up location at the top of the page in the site header before adding items to your cart.

Need Help?

If we can help you use our new site, find the right product, or place your order, click on “Need Help?” at the very top right hand corner of your screen. If there is a customer service representative online, you will see an option to chat with us live online instantly! You can also call us at 855-347-2839 (Mon-Fri 6am-10pm CST, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm CST), or e-mail us at

Some general help documentation by section is included below for some areas of the site that have recently changed:

Account Help

  1. Register Online
    • Click on "Sign In / Register" on the top right of the screen. Then select the “Register” button. You will be prompted to fill in your name, e-mail address (this will be your User ID), contact information, and to create a password.
  2. If you already have an Account, sign in with your User ID and Password.
    • Please Note: we have changed our User ID requirements to accept only e-mail addresses for account User IDs.
      • If you previously had a different User ID than your e-mail address, you should have received several notifications via e-mail about this change. You should now be able to log in with the e-mail address you provided as part of your original user profile, and your original password.
      • If you forgot your password, click the “forgot your password” next to the SIGN IN button. Follow the directions to re-set your password. You will receive an e-mail address with a temporary password. When you log in with this temporary password you will be prompted to change it to a password of your choice.
    • Once signed in, your account options will appear under “My Account” at the top of the page. Select “Account Summary” from this list to view your account dashboard.
    • Once you are on the My Account Summary page, you will see some of your customer information displayed. Click “edit / view all” below that information or select the “Customer Information” option under the “Settings” section in the left-hand column to access your complete account profile.
  3. You may now complete/edit your customer information, and/or update your password if needed.
    • Once complete, click the “Update” button to save your new information.
    • Please Note: due to the current transition of e-mail addresses as User IDs, the official e-mail for your account cannot be changed from within your account. All order information, notifications, and account updates for this login will be sent to this e-mail address. 

Address Book Help

  1. Sign in with your user ID and password.
    • The Address Book is only accessible to Registered Users (Non-Business)
    • For Login/Account questions, see the Account Help section above.
  2. Once signed in, your account options will appear under “My Account” at the top of the page. Select “Address Book” from this list of options.
  3. Once you navigate to the Address Book section, you will see the default address you’re your login as the first item under “My Addresses”.
    • Once you have created additional addresses, you can select and edit them by clicking on the drop down to view them by Nickname. Your default profile address will always be the one listed under your account e-mail address.
  4. You can add an address by clicking the “Add New” button and entering all the required fields.
    • You must click on the “Submit” button for the new address to save, or on “Save Changes” if editing an existing address.
    • Always include a nickname to identify your address. This Nickname will show up in the Address Book drop-down selector under My Address, and will also appear in your delivery/shipping options when you are ordering. This can help you quickly identify which address you need for different projects or shipping locations, and will save you the time of re-typing it in for future orders.
  5. You can also remove an address from your list by selecting the list name under “My Addresses” in the Address Book, and then clicking on the Delete Address button. Your primary account address tied to your e-mail/User ID cannot be removed, but can be edited.

Favorites Help

  1. Sign in with your user ID and password.
    • The Favorites feature is only accessible to customers who have created an online account.
    • For Login/Account questions, see the Account Help section above.
  2. Once signed in, your account options will appear under “My Account” at the top of the page. Select “Favorites” from this list.
  3. Once you navigate to the Favorites page, you will be able to see all lists you’ve created as well as create new lists.
  4. Lists can be created within the Favorites section by:
    • Creating a blank list to fill as you browse, or with individual SKU numbers.
      • Click the “Create List” button and enter a name for the list, then click the SAVE button to create the list.
      • Click on your new list name to open it.
      • From here, you can type in individual SKU numbers to fill up your list. Type a SKU number into the field provided and enter a preferred quantity. When you start entering a SKU number, the site will suggest some options to you, so you can auto-complete this field by clicking on the item when the one you want has been identified. Once you have entered the SKU and quantity you want, click the “Add” button.
    • Copying and pasting a list of SKU numbers.
      • Click the “Paste List” button, copy and paste a list of SKU numbers from your source file, type the name of your new list, and click the “Save” button.
    • Uploading a file of SKU numbers
      • Click the “Upload List” button, then select the “Browse” button to select a file from your computer to upload.
      • All files must be in .csv format. If you are saving an Excel spreadsheet as .csv to upload it, make sure the SKU numbers and quantities are in separate columns. If you are saving a text file as a .csv, SKUs and quantities should be separated by commas.
      • Former customers – the upload function is the preferred method for moving your favorites lists over from the old site. Log in to, go to the "Favorites" section, export the list you want to move, and save it to your computer. Then log in to the new store site, go to the "Favorites" section, and select the “Upload List” button to bring in the file you saved to your computer.
  5. Once you’ve created your list, you may add items at any time by clicking on the name of the list. You can also edit the name of your list from this view.
  6. Once you have at least one item in a Favorites List, you can add that entire list to your shopping cart by clicking the green “Add List to Cart” button.
  7. You can also select individual items from a list to add to your shopping cart by clicking the gear icon under the “Actions” column next to that item to add it to your cart (or to remove an item from the list).
  8. Once you have created a Favorites list, you can add items directly to that list from product pages while browsing the site. Just look for the “Add to Favorites” button on the SKU page of the item you want to save. Once you click the button, it will allow you to choose which Favorites list to use. You can also create a NEW list through this method.
  9. You can also add items to any Favorites list (or create a new Favorites list) from your shopping cart by selecting Add to Favorites from the “Cart Actions” button.

Order History Help

  1. Sign in with your user ID and password.
    • The Favorites feature is only accessible to customers who have created an online account.
    • For Login/Account questions, see the Account Help section above.
  2. Once signed in, your account options will appear under “My Account” at the top of the page. Select “Order History” from this list.
  3. From the Order History page, you can see a list of your orders by Order Number, Order Date, and Total Price.
    • You can also re-order a previously placed order by clicking the “Re-Order” button.
  4. If you want to see the details of any order in your list, click the “Details” link next to the order number, or click on the down arrow next to an item. Registered Individuals, (Non-Business Accounts), see information on your order such as:
    • Order Number
    • Order Value
    • Shipping address
    • Items
    • Quantities
    • Pricing
    • Order status
  5. Registered Business Account Users will see all orders and information entered on their account in Order History.  There Fields are:
  • Date Range
  • Order Status (view Business Account orders places on or offline)
  • Order Type
  • Account
  • Search by Orders
    • Order Number
      • Customer Order #
      • Release #
      • Additional Order #
      • Graybar Sales Order #
      • Graybar Invoice #
  • Search by Product Number
    • Product # Type
      • Graybar Part #
      • Customer Part #
      • Manufacturer Part #
      • UPC#
  1. You can print a copy of the order by clicking on the "Order Actions" button at the top of the page and selectiong "Print Version".
  2. If your order has shipped, you’ll see your order status change and you’ll also see an option to View Tracking and Invoices.
  3. In Tracking and Invoices, you can expand the view to see additional information or click the delivery to see items within the shipment.