Compression Lugs, Splices and Taps


Compression lugs or splices are referred to as connections installed by compression the connector onto a strand of wire, which creates a cold weld. Most compression lugs are made from aluminum or copper with copper being most preferred. Manufacturers use a high-strength electrolytic copper that provides better electrical and mechanical performance, and each lug can take a wide range of wires, minimizing inventory requirements. Using quality materials allows electrical workers more ease with installation, which provides for a huge time savings. Even better, the benefit is focused on a high quality connection at a low installed cost. As for splices, there are various types based upon how the splice is installed. Most splices are made from a strong corrosion-resistant copper allow with wide wire-range-taking capabilities. Most lugs and splices are made to work with standard crimping tools. Graybar carries a huge assortment of lugs, splices and taps for your connections.