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Graybar Tacoma

1414 Center St
Tacoma, WA 98409-8211



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Graybar Tacoma

Servicing the Tacoma area is Graybar Tacoma, one of our  North American locations. Founded in 1869, Graybar’s values and services have launched it into today’s Fortune 500. As one of America’s largest employee-owned companies, Graybar has the influence and stability of a big company coupled with the drive and integrity of a neighborhood business. Employing thousands of dedicated men and women, Graybar has become one of the nation’s leading commercial and industrial lighting distributors.

Rising electricity costs and environmental concerns have made energy strategies a chief concern among commercial operators, and our energy solutions certainly fit the bill. Over 30 percent of energy used in a commercial building today is wasted. We can help you to monitor, report on, control, and ultimately reduce your energy costs by a wide margin. Graybar can help you plan and install energy saving systems that are easy to use and maintain.

At your disposal is a full inventory of top-notch electrical supplies from leading manufacturers like GE, Acuity Brands, Philips and many more. Using these products, our teams can help build “intelligent” buildings with an internal structure of lighting, communications, HVAC and security systems that talk to one another through an integrated control board and a single IP-enabled network.

In a new building, these systems can be comprised of occupancy and light sensors and dimmers to optimize the internal lighting of your building. Time scheduling and natural daylight sources can ensure that your building is adequately lit at all times of the day.

Retrofitting your existing lighting systems in older buildings is an effective way to reduce energy costs at relatively little expense. Most electrical supplies will install directly into the old fixture housings occupied by outdated lighting appliances.

Graybar Tacoma does well in representing the greater network of locations that makes up the backbone of the country’s leading commercial and industrial lighting supplier.