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Graybar Indianapolis

9222 Orly Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46241-9607



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Graybar Indianapolis

Graybar Indianapolis is one of the leading commercial and industrial lighting suppliers for Indiana businesses and warehouse lighting supplier in Indianapolis. As one of Graybar’s more than 260 North American locations, Graybar Indianapolis prides itself on being a distributor of high-quality lighting, electrical supplies, communications and data networking products. We have more than 145 years of industry experience and we specialize in industry-related supply chain management and logistics services.

If you’re searching for energy-efficient commercial lighting upgrades or solutions, Graybar can help you no matter what step you are in the process. We specialize in retrofit, rollout and remodel programs; lighting maintenance and turnkey lighting upgrades. We also work with the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide the latest and greatest technology for your next commercial lighting project. Our electrical supply professionals can help you improve facility safety, worker productivity and overall occupant satisfaction. Plus, the resulting savings on energy and maintenance costs means your new lighting installation will pay for itself in typically just a few years.

As an experienced and premiere commercial and industrial lighting supplier, we know that a quality light installation features low glare, good color rendering, long life, good surface reflectance, even illumination and indirect lighting fixtures. If you’re looking to get more from your lighting, contact your local Graybar representative to learn more about a lighting audit.

We offer a myriad of lighting solutions including energy-efficient lamps, lighting control systems, energy efficient ballasts, and products for LEDs solutions. As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, Graybar also regularly offers informational webinars and training events designed to provide detailed information about the newest products and latest technology. See our local events below or visit our events page for our nation-wide events.

If your business is looking for a well-established and trusted commercial and industrial lighting supplier, Graybar can help you! We’re here to help you keep your business running efficiently. For questions about our services and offerings, call a local representative today.