The Power of Teamwork: Graybar Gear Specialist Puts Patient Safety First
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The Power of Teamwork: Graybar Gear Specialist Puts Patient Safety First


In the middle of winter, an assisted living facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin suffered a total power outage. To avoid evacuating elderly residents, the main breaker and two feeder breakers needed to be completely replaced in a matter of hours. 

A worker using a torch had accidentally activated the sprinkler system. Water leakage from the floor above caused three breakers to short circuit and knocked out the entire building’s electricity. 

It was noon. The deadline was 6 p.m. After that time, all 175 residents would need to be evacuated, some via ambulance. The facility was counting on their electrical contractor, The Stiegler Company, to get power restored. 

“There was zero room for error in this instance,” The Stiegler Company Co-owner Jim Klug said. “We look to Graybar to get us what we need when we need it on jobs large and small. They do a great job of being accountable.”


The Stiegler Company immediately called Graybar’s Green Bay gear specialist Scott Mielke. Scott’s experience, combined with Schneider Services training, enabled him to work with Stiegler to quickly determine which breakers were needed.  

“All our sales representatives have been trained on Square D/Schneider services,” said Scott. “We know what to look for and what they can provide.”  

The local Schneider field office offered a Same Day Service (SDS) program that stocked Square D replacement breakers for sale or lease for emergency situations such as this. Scott worked with Schneider Electric Sales Executive Tom Ruegsegger to locate the right equipment.  

“Customer care means anticipating common issues and keeping materials on hand to address them, same day,” said Tom. 

The Square D 3000 amp NW30 main breaker, 2500 amp and 1600 amp breakers were in stock. They were immediately put on a truck and dispatched to the assisted living facility.

Teamwork continued at the site. The Stiegler Company coordinated with the utility to make sure the switchgear was deenergized and provided temporary lighting so Square D services could change out the breakers. Committed to customer safety, the team remained onsite until power was restored to the facility.  Repairs were completed by 5:30 p.m.

“Teamwork is always important. But, an emergency situation like this really shows what a difference it can make,” says Scott.