The Power of LED Lighting for Schools: Why It Matters and How to Get Started
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The Power of LED Lighting for Schools: Why It Matters and How to Get Started


Your school and its teachers are working so hard to live up to their calling that they usually ignore the obstacle hanging right over their heads.

Have you ever considered how your lighting can have a negative impact on students’ performance, their safety and even your school’s reputation?

Brad Picht, a lighting specialist for Graybar, believes that a school’s ability to enhance student lives is often limited by its lighting. In this series of videos, Brad talks about how LED lighting can improve productivity, safety and your school’s reputation.

Video 1 - LED's Impact on Student Well-Being

Why does LED promise a better learning environment?

To begin with, there’s not just one kind of light—there are multiple kinds and different colors that are suited to different purposes. Tunable light is a new technology that allows teachers to easily tune light color with the potential to improve mood, behavior and attention for different activities. It’s all about delivering the right light, in the right amount, to help students focus and be more comfortable. But the classroom isn’t the only place for LED lighting in a school.

Video 2 - Where to Start an LED Renovation

Where is the best place to start with an LED renovation? Or, to look at it another way, what spaces are best suited to LED’s potential impact?

It depends on your school’s goals. Are you trying to reduce energy, or do you need to improve the look and feel of some of your most important gathering spaces like the library, gym or cafeteria? These kinds of prestige spaces in particular can impact a school’s self-image.

Whatever space you’re considering, you can’t deny the fact that safety plays a huge role in a lot of these areas. Think about the slips, trips and falls in your hallways and stairwells due to inadequate light or burned out lamps. There’s also the parking lot. Have accidents occurred where lighting could have been a factor?

Exterior safety lighting protects students and personnel before and after school and helps guard against vandalism on the weekends. Parking lots with outdated lighting are prime candidates for LED because of their long operating hours, hard-to-reach location for maintenance and inefficient, short-lived energy sources.

Video 3 - The Best Approach to an LED Trial

We know what you’re thinking. “This sounds great, but isn’t LED going to be a pain to install?”

Seeing is believing. The only way to understand the impact of LED is to schedule a trial install so that teachers, students and parents can see the technology firsthand. Just remember that each space in your school has a purpose. You may be trying to improve the safety in your hallways, students’ productivity and well-being in classrooms or enhance the reputation of your school. It could be all three. Each space requires a specific LED lighting solution.

The financial return is important. The impact on students and their learning experience is priceless.