Graybar Provides Turnkey Lighting Solution for Shopping Center Parking Lot
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Graybar Provides Turnkey Lighting Solution for Shopping Center Parking Lot



Alamo Quarry Market is a lifestyle center located in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of North Central San Antonio.  First opened in 1998, the mall offers 580,000 square feet of retail space.


There were 204 fixtures in the mall parking lot. Outdated metal halide lighting had been in use for more than 20 years. 

LED lighting offered outstanding energy efficiency and savings, but with over two million LED products on the market, making the right choice was complex. In addition, the project was to take place during the busy holiday season, requiring near-flawless project management and a smooth installation process that didn’t interfere with customer parking or mall operations.


The property management team asked Graybar to take on the lighting project in the role of general contractor.

“Having a vendor who gets it is really important. Graybar was always working to find the best solutions for us,” said Alamo Quarry Market Senior Property Manager, Priscilla Gonzaba. “Their package and response time were excellent.”

A specialist in LED lighting products with close knowledge of local LED installers, Graybar helped Alamo Quarry Market find the right solution at a price point that worked for them.

“We proposed three different options, each designed to make sure it would provide sufficient light levels to meet IES lighting standards,” said Graybar Sales Manager Justin Dumas.  “We then worked with the vendor to firm up a comprehensive design that would show the end user exactly what they could expect.”

In pre-construction meetings, Graybar worked closely with the Alamo Quarry Market team and the selected installer, LED Electric and Lighting, to coordinate every detail. Graybar’s cloud-based tool organized the whole project into a color-coded snapshot that was shared with the entire project team, including the customer.

”Everything was tied in together so that everybody knew what was happening on site at all times” said Graybar Outside Sales Representative Maribel Ruiz. “We would touch base with the installation team every afternoon to determine what material would be needed the following day. Then, we delivered. It made for a very seamless process.”

In addition to making the whole installation more efficient, this process allowed the customer to save on expenses for on-site storage, and also reduced the likelihood of storage damage and safety issues.

“Graybar has the unique ability to listen and understand your needs and make it happen very quickly," said LED Electric and Lighting Branch Manager Brian Ramirez. “Everything we needed was delivered daily. If something more came up, we made a phone call and it arrived. We could stay focused on the job at hand.”


The projected savings from the installation are substantial. In addition, light quality in the parking lot shows noticeable improvement due to the directional coverage and crisper light delivered by LED technology. 

The customer was so satisfied with the project that Graybar has been invited to bid on other opportunities. LED Electric and Lighting has also acquired a new customer and service contract. 

“You can definitely see the difference. We’re very happy with the project,” said Priscilla.