Alabama Department of Labor Sees the Light
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Alabama Department of Labor Sees the Light


The facilities team at the Alabama Department of Labor (ADOL) was struggling from daily lamp and ballast replacements and a shrinking supply of T12 tubes. There had to be a better solution. A successful LED trial quickly demonstrated the positive impact an LED upgrade could bring – to not just the offices, but the parking lot and the rest of the facility.


The Alabama Department of Labor (ADOL) is a government organization that provides state and federal workforce protection programs for Alabama employers and workers.


Lighting maintenance at the ADOL was causing the facilities team daily headaches.

“Every day we are replacing lamps or ballasts throughout the building,” said Plant Maintenance Supervisor Jamie Fowler. “The whole process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.”

Not only is the maintenance a pain, but the facility’s stock of T12 lamps is quickly depleting. T12 tubes were phased out in 2012 and are becoming hard to find.

“We could buy T8 lamps and change the ballast in our fixtures, but we wouldn’t be saving much money. We might as well go LED and not have to worry about the fluorescents burning out early,” said Fowler.

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Graybar provided LED fixtures for one office to show the difference LEDs can make. With the help of a local Eaton lighting representative, the office was able to go from eight fluorescents down to four Eaton Cruze LED fixtures.

“LED provides a much higher quality of light,” said Fowler. “I like the light output, color and working with Graybar makes everything a breeze. My sales representative is easy to contact and can always answer or can get the answer to anything I need.”

With a projected 60,000 hour LED life, Fowler and his team can now focus on more important maintenance tasks instead of worrying about replacing lamps and ballasts.


LED lighting is not only more efficient but going from eight fixtures down to four will really cut the energy cost for the office. Excited with the results from the office upgrade, the facility upgraded their exterior parking lots lights from metal halide to LED. The ADOL plans to continue their LED upgrade throughout the rest of the facility over the next few years.