A Bright Idea Improves Company’s Training Center
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A Bright Idea Improves Company’s Training Center


I90 Fuel Services 1 Before

I-90 Fuel Services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota operates 20 gas station convenience stores and provides fuel delivery services for the region.


I-90 uses its main training center to host potential clients, hold training sessions and conduct webinars. When the fluorescent lighting started going out in the training center, maintenance technician Anthony Chabane knew it was time to prioritize an LED upgrade.

Over the past few years, the fuel services company has deployed LED lighting inside its convenience stores and outdoors in the overhead gas canopies.

“Between the savings, technology and price, we knew it was time to upgrade the training center,” said Chabane. “If an LED fixture costs the same as an incandescent and it costs less than half as much to run it, then we’ll go with LED every time.”


Graybar provided 12 Acuity BLT LED light fixtures and Acuity nLight AIR wireless controls for the training center. The wireless controls provide occupancy sensors and dimming modules all accessible and adjustable by smartphone.

I90 Fuel Services 1 After

It only took one day for Chabane to install the new LED lights and program the wireless controls.

The new LED lights in the training center light up instantly, as opposed to the flicker of the old fluorescent lights. And the color temperature of the new lighting is bright and engaging.

“The fluorescent light buzzing is gone,” said Chabane. “The new light is a lot more even, and when you turn on the lights they’re bright right away.”

I-90 plans to continue upgrading to LED, inside and outside.

“My next LED project is tracking down outdoor lighting wall packs for one of our locations,” Chabane said. “I call Graybar whenever I need a quote on something fast. They always deliver and it’s nice working with them.”