Introducing Graybar SmartReel™

Graybar SmartReel®
Wire Pulls Have Never Been This Easy!
Graybar SmartReel

Your Challenge

Maneuvering reels weighing a ton (or more) throughout a jobsite requires a lot of manpower, equipment, effort and skill. With so many resources tied up, how is this impacting your total cost of install?


Graybar SmartReel

Our Solution

Graybar SmartReel: a portable payout system that makes it simple and safe for ONE PERSON* to move reels up to 5,000 lbs. when and where you need them.

Graybar SmartReel

The Benefits

Labor Efficiencies

  • Safe, one-person* operation
  • Large independently rotating wheels make it easy to move
  • Simple setup and maneuverability saves time
  • Fewer reels and no disposal required; we do the pick up
  • No pallet jacks or other equipment required


  • Fits through narrow openings (36” doorway)
  • Compartment reels allow ground wire to be added to reel and spin independently
  • Ability to chock wheels and convert to cable payout system directly at the feed point
Graybar SmartReel
SmartReel worked really well. I liked the ease of use. There was less lifting up of heavy reels and jacks, thus reducing the possibilities of jobsite injuries.
Graybar SmartReel
Removable reel makes
changes easy
Graybar SmartReel
Multi-compartment reels allow simultanenous feeder and ground pulls
Graybar SmartReel
Graybar SmartReel

Why Graybar SmartReel is Different

  • Works with ANY manufacturer’s cable
  • Can use single or multi-compartment reels
  • Does not require a separate ground reel
  • Cable switches out easily for last-minute jobsite changes. Saves time and reduces waste
  • We specialize in agile and adaptable jobsite changes, backed by Graybar’s full offering of services, including:
    • Wire management – Flexible, custom-tailored programs to help you eliminate the hidden costs in handling wire, cable, copper and fiber communication cables, include marking, paralleling, cutting, tagging, delivery, returns and scrap recovery. Learn more about Graybar's Wire and Cable Management »
    • Paralleling – Spool up to five wires/cables together on one reel, enabling faster and easier cable installation by reducing the number of cable pulls.
    • Pulling heads – As we cut and parallel your wire, we can install pulling heads to get your crew pulling wire immediately. Pulling heads work with both copper and aluminum. We can supply crimp-on pulling heads in bulk or have them installed in our warehouse on each reel to save your crew prep time before the pull.
    • Kitting – Kitting is the packaging of components to provide a complete “kit” of materials that are required for assembly or installation. Graybar develops special packaging for a few items or we can kit, crate and ship large components.
    • Staging and storage – For on-time, accurate delivery. We offer onsite trailer options for central staging and planning that we can manage for you. We can also help you decrease loss and theft with our job box and clamshell stock replenishment services.
    • Integrated supply – Our vast product offering of electrical and data communications products tied with our logistics services allows you to streamline your supply chain and reduce overall procurement costs.

*Subject to jobsite variances. For use on flat surfaces.

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Your total cost of install includes product cost, but more importantly it’s managing jobsite efficiencies, safety and ultimately your company’s overall productivity.

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