Project Order Management

Built by Contractors for Contractors

Looking for more profitable ways to do business? Let Graybar ESP Order Management Services unlock the true efficiencies of your systems and your business.

We see the dramatic impact of electronic innovation everywhere in our lives today. With technology, Graybar can bring speed, accuracy and simplicity to your order processing tasks, just like we have for many FORTUNE 500 companies.

The key is to impact the right process with the right technology to drive change. Graybar is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards at all domestic branch locations, assuring you consistent service coast to coast.

We have the technology. In 2004, Graybar implemented the SAP Enterprise System. We use this technology in innovative ways to drive the cost out of doing business. We have been working with our customers for years to improve their efficiencies, accuracy and profitability.

Contact your local representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR to learn how together, we can build a better supply chain.

Material job phase ordering*

How can you be lean, but still manage through the inevitable push-pull cycles of a job? Let Graybar work with your estimators and project managers to develop a comprehensive plan. We can build a schedule by job phase and materials list. Create a “master order,” and then Graybar collaborates with our warehouse and supplier teams to deliver product on time and where it’s needed. Lower investment, less risk and less damage – a win-win!

* Discuss with your Graybar representative


You work hard on estimates. Why gamble with your business? Graybar and our strategic suppliers can coordinate a pre-buy that allows you to secure your bid price with terms and schedules for reliable deliveries.

Phased ordering

For every $1 of product returned, contractors spend $3-$5 to buy it, receive it, move it, move it again, move it again, move and damage it, return it and process the credit.* Stop the cycle now! Work with Graybar to order correctly and then deliver by job phase to manage usage efficiently.

* Source: Dr. Perry Daneshgari, President & CEO MCA Inc. (A Management Innovation Company)