Graybar Electronic Invoicing

What It Means

Graybar customers can now choose to receive invoices as attachments to e-mail or receiving e-mail notifications of new invoices available for download. E-invoicing provides fast delivery of invoices, facilitates easy electronic filing and is eco-friendly.

Electronic invoices can be stored in customers’ online document storage systems without the need for scanning. Electronic invoice files contain a single copy of each invoice, whereas paper invoices are printed in duplicate.

How It Works

Participants will receive an e-mail welcoming them to the program when they are activated in the system. Customers may opt out of the program at any time by following a link on any of the e-mails they receive.

Summary Billing

Through the use of our centralized computer system, Graybar has the ability to consolidate all your individual invoices into a single invoice, summarizing all of your billing activity, which saves you time and money.

Learn More

For more information about the Graybar Electronic Invoicing Advantage, contact your local branch financial manager.