JIT (Just-in-Time)

JIT can help reduce waste and increase productivity.

Do you find yourself spending more time managing inventory for your everyday product needs? Are you running out of room in your storerooms? Graybar’s JIT (Just-In-Time) inventory service solution may be the help you need.

Graybar's objective is to deliver the items at the moment they are needed, thereby minimizing inventory levels, storage and transaction costs. JIT can help reduce waste and increase productivity. Materials are purchased, transported and processed just in time for their subsequent use.

JIT Is Designed To Help

  • Reduce the amount of inventory, storage costs and inventory obsolescence
  • Decrease transaction costs
  • Maximize service levels
  • Reduce overall inventory costs, job delays and waste
  • Inventory tax savings
  • Minimize order cycle time
  • Dedicate inventory at distribution point
  • On-time performance
  • Increase productivity

Sustainability You can reduce your environmental impact by taking advantage of Graybar JIT. By getting the right amount of product you need when you need it, it’s possible to reduce the amount of unused materials and damaged inventory that equals unnecessary waste.


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