Wire and Cable Management

Wire Cutting

Graybar's wire and cable management services are flexible, custom tailored programs to handle wire, cable, copper and fiber communication cables, enabling you to have the products available to you when, where and how you need them.

For more information on wire management and Graybar's other jobsite services, contact your local sales representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

What It Means

Graybar's goal is to help improve your bottom-line profitability. Our Wire and Cable Management Services can save you time, money and material while improving the safety of your team.

Bottom-Line Profitability

Although savings can vary by project, Graybar's Wire and Cable Management Services can include: pre-buy negotiations, staging and storage, cutting and paralleling, prepared reels and stands for jobsites, pulling heads and improved delivery/placement. Depending on your needs, all of these options can provide you with 10 to 45 percent savings of your total estimated cost.

Save Labor, Time and Money

Graybar services like cutting and paralleling, prepared reels and stands that can be easily moved on jobsites, and preinstalled pulling eyes can provide you with significant savings and make your installations safer, easier and more efficient.


  • Eliminates: Inventory shortage, damaged inventory, need for expedited shipments, material lost on job, and under-utilized or deteriorating inventory
  • Provides: Shipments of cut lengths, project tracking, dedicated inventory, just-in-time deliveries, and customer savings
  • Prevents: Job delays and material lost on job
  • Allows: Design and engineering changes
  • Saves: On inventory management and total project cost

Pulling Heads

Pulling Heads Wire Management

Graybar knows that saving time and reducing labor costs are critical to your bottom line. As we cut and parallel your wire, we can install pulling heads to get your crew pulling wire immediately. Pulling heads work with both copper and aluminum. We can supply crimp-on pulling heads in bulk or have them installed in our warehouse on each reel to save your crew prep time before the pull.

Wire Management Parallel Barrel
Wire Parallel Reel

Paralleling Reels and Stands

Contractors regularly report reducing crew size as well as labor hours by 10 to 40 percent. Spool up to five wires/cables together on one reel, enabling faster and easier cable installation by reducing the number of cable pulls. This can also be provided by spooling three or four cables together on one multi-flange, returnable reel. Compare Graybar wire and cable services to your next estimate to see how much you will save!

Case Study

Graybar Truck Delivery Wire
A contractor needed to pull 250,000 lbs. (1.2 million dollars) of wire in two weeks. Graybar responded with a custom plan of aggressive wire management. Services included: custom cuts, parallel color feeders, and staging to meet varying pull schedules. Graybar utilized a pair of flatbeds to ensure that the jobsite always had wire ready to pull. This complicated pull required 3,000 foot reels of 500 MCM, two cable pushers and one cable puller. The job was completed under budget and in time!