SmartDrawer® is a flexible drawer-based storage system designed to dispense single items (or multiple items of a single SKU) under locked “smart” compartments with SecureBin™.

SmartDrawer can be a stand-alone unit or combined with other Graybar SmartStock Vending devices for a tailored dispensing solution. SmartDrawer technology is extremely versatile and configurable. To learn how vending solutions can save you time and money, call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form below.

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Features of SmartDrawer:

  • Access products through the easy-to-use touch screen interface or select items directly using the integrated take and return buttons
  • Individual lid control according to usage requirements, such as whether the item is returnable or not, loan periods for check-in/check-out, automated lock-down, employee access, etc.
  • Full usage audit trails – see item, who used it and where it was used
  • High capacity storage in a small footprint
  • No repackaging
  • SecureBin™ technology provides a patented bin management system

SmartDrawer can manage:

  • Cutting Tools
  • Abrasives
  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Security Items
  • Calibrated Instruments and Tools
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Fasteners
  • Welding Supplies
  • Maintenance Supplies (MRO)
  • Safety Equipment
  • And many more!

Lid Configurations

Design your own cabinet with different lid configurations to meet your needs for maximum flexibility. Dimensions are lid openings.

SupplyPro SmartDrawer 2 Lid
Standard Density
10.83"W x 20.07"H
SupplyPro SmartDrawer 4 Lid
Standard Density
10.83"W x 9.50"H
SupplyPro SmartDrawer 8 Lid
Standard Density
4.96"W x 9.50"H
SupplyPro SmartDrawer 12 Lid
Standard Density
10.83"W x 2.21"H
SupplyPro SmartDrawer 16 Lid
High Density
4.96"Wx 4.02"H
SupplyPro SmartDrawer 24 Lid
High Density
4.96"W x 2.21"H
48-Lid Smartdrawer configuration 48 Lid*
Max Density
3.65"L x 1.12"D x 1.01"H*

*Due to the "U" shape design of the max density cover, the useable space is .78" x 1.01"

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