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Why Choose Vending From Graybar?

  • Put what you use, close to the user
  • Reduce expense! Typically a vending solution reduces use and expense by about 20-30 percent
  • Reduce your time and involvement in the MRO purchase and replenishment process
  • With vending, your parts are secure and only available to those users that you designate, by parts category
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Flexibility to stock what you need
  • E-Commerce – our SmartStock Vending machines are connected to the Graybar network. We efficiently replenish and handle the order/delivery/billing process with minimal hassle

Questions to Consider

  • How many hours do you lose due to walking, waiting, and searching for the right product?
  • What is the cost of facility downtime due to wait time for mission critical parts?
  • Do you want to reduce your spend in supplies that are underutilized, lost, or misplaced?
  • Graybar SmartStock Vending inventory management service solutions can help address these and other MRO, OEM and jobsite product concerns.

Inventory vending solutions have been proven to increase productivity in the workplace, while reducing use and expenses by 20-30%. Call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form to get started with SmartStock Vending inventory management today.



SmartDrawer® is a flexible drawer-based storage system designed to dispense single items (or multiple items of a single SKU) under locked “smart” compartments with SecureBin™.



SupplyLocker™ is the industrial solution to manage consumable and returnable tools, supplies and other assets. Its custom design lets you configure each system to meet your facility requirements.

SupplyAgent High Density Door-Level Control


SupplyAgent® is the easiest transition from “Free” dispense and provides the minimal level of control to a wide range of materials and supplies. Easy-to-use and manage, SupplyAgent stores a high volume of materials in a small footprint.

SupplyBay Full Cabinet


SupplyBay™ is engineered for harsh industrial environments to deliver reliable, high-volume dispenses. It includes state-of-the-art electronics, enhanced admin control, and better user functionality, including an integrated touchscreen.


Learn how Graybar has helped others with their inventory management needs

Graybar SmartStock Vending Increases Production Efficiencies At Large Equipment Manufacturer

Instead of expanding the storeroom with more parts which would require tracking and constant replenishing, Graybar proposed Graybar SmartStock® Vending. By implementing the Graybar SmartStock Vending machines, TAW no longer has to worry about lost downtime due to material shortages.


Graybar Provides Inventory Management Solution to VEC

When Valley Electrical Consolidated Inc. (VEC) received the electrical contract on a $1 billion steel mill project in early 2012, the company needed an efficient way to manage materials on site. Graybar introduced VEC to Graybar SmartStock®, an electronic inventory management solution created to simplify stock management and material replenishment.


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