Graybar SmartStock Select

Our totally automated, on-demand solution.

This is the flagship of Graybar SmartStock®, our most sophisticated inventory management system. Via a unique combination of PDA scanner technology, barcoding and leading-edge technology, you can improve visibility across your entire inventory, including items from Graybar and other vendors. Order, track, measure and replenish items electronically and customize more than 40 reports to fit your precise needs. By monitoring parts levels in real time, you can reduce inventory levels by up to 40%—while maximizing your savings of time, effort and money.


  • With better visibility, you'll always know what you have, what you don't and what you need next
  • Improved communication drives savings and efficiencies that you may not have thought possible until now
  • Reduce inventory errors and costs
  • Optimize your procurement processes
  • Reduce stock outs, and therefore, costly down time
  • Custom tracking and reporting improves inventory and enhances efficiencies even more (for example, using cost codes or phase codes)
  • Graybar can assist with the selection of the right inventory in the right quantities
  • Manage your entire inventory, both Graybar and non-Graybar items. Three separate part number fields empower you to track items any way you want
  • The system can pay for itself in as few as 60 days
  • Implementation is fast (as little as 2 weeks), and our system can integrate seamlessly with yours
Reduce inventory levels by up to 40% with Graybar SmartStock Select

Dr. Perry Daneshgari | President & CEO, MCA Inc. (A Management Innovation Company)


Lower your cost of acquisition and operations

Graybar SmartStock Select is a high-tech strategy for building the most efficient, cost effective (and relevant) inventory possible. Graybar is well known for having the premier distribution network in the nation. Now, we’re making it even easier to make the most of our vast inventory, customized at the local level specifically for you.

Graybar SmartStock Select Scanner image

Additional ways Graybar SmartStock Select can help you work with more:


  • Monitor and manage all ordering activities across the entire organization via an automatic and integrated replenishment system.
  • Improve supplier performance by monitoring the percent of orders that were accurately filled on time.


  • Preserve cash by optimizing inventory levels.
  • Reduce the surplus that needlessly drives up your inventory costs.


  • Increase inventory turns up to six times a year.
  • Provide a supplier independent replenishment system for direct and indirect items.
  • Integrate with your existing systems, to make administration easier.
  • Manage multiple storerooms and vendors.
  • PDA and wireless capabilities free you from your desk.

To learn more about Graybar SmartStock® and what it can do to improve your business needs, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

Not ready to try us out? Hear how we've helped others.

Graybar Speeds Up The Jobsite For Coghlin Electric

For Coghlin Electric, Graybar SmartStock Select streamlined the management of a million-dollar parts inventory by cutting in half the time spent on inventory management, reducing job deliveries from twice a day to once a week, making phase changes and inventory wind-down easy and consolidating to one purchase order and invoice per month.


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