Graybar SmartStock® Inventory Management

Graybar SmartStock® is an inventory management system designed to manage all of your jobsite materials. It is so accurate and reliable that it can free up your time to do what matters most: grow your business. Graybar SmartStock contains multiple options, each designed to streamline processes, deploy best-in-class technology, and ensure the right materials are at the right place at the right time. By taking time and cost from your procurement practices, we can help bolster your profitability and reduce downtime, shrinkage and labor costs.

You'll save time, improve cash flow—and when you reach for a part, it will be right where it’s supposed to be. All with less waste and fewer stock outs. (We said it was smart.)

Choose from three different options, based on the level of support your business needs most.

  • SmartStock Plus – Manage your inventory via smartphone technology!
  • SmartStock Select – Monitor parts levels at all times—in real time—using sophisticated scanner and inventory management software. A totally automated, on-demand solution for your entire inventory, including Graybar and other items.
  • SmartStock Vending Solutions – Graybar SmartStock® Inventory Vending Machines are designed to assist with the management and accountability of your materials. Through streamlined purchasing and convenient point-of-use access to materials and equipment, SmartStock Vending solutions have the tools your team needs for overall safety and efficiency on the jobsite.

Call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out our online form today to learn more about Graybar SmartStock® and what it can do to improve your business needs.

Which Option Is Best For You?

*On a typical Installation    
Features & Benefits* SmartStock
Can save time
Can save effort
Can save money
Reduce surplus and errors
Streamline procurement and billing
Manage stock outs and down time
Automate replenishment of shop  
Optimize inventory levels electronically
Lower cost of storeroom operations
Lower cost of acquiring Graybar items
Maximize cash flow
Totally automated, on-demand solution  
Sophisticated inventory management software 24/7  
Maximize savings of time, effort and money  
Maximize visibility of entire inventory (Graybar and other items)  
Order, track, measure and replenish electronically  
Integrate with existing systems for easier administration  
Customize more than 40 reports    
Bill on use or replenishment    
Reduce inventory up to 40%    
Increase inventory turns up for 6x year    
Manage multiple storerooms and vendors    
Place product at point-of-use    
Reduce inventory levels by up to 40% with Graybar SmartStock Select.

Dr. Perry Daneshgari | President & CEO, MCA Inc. (A Management Innovation Company)

Graybar has delivered us cost-effective performance, as well as very good assurance of supply and problem-solving capability. They’ve brought a lot of value in all those areas—cost, assurance of supply, quality of service, flexibility and innovation—to evolve the process and take out cost.

Facilities & Services Manager | Major Industrial Company

I always hear companies in our industry tooting their own horns about providing "value-added services." Well, Graybar clearly provides that and does it professionally. There are only a handful of companies I feel comfortable doing business with, and Graybar’s one of them.

Chief Information Officer | Metropolitan School District


Graybar SmartStock Plus