Jobsite Boxes and Carts

Jobsite Boxes and Carts

Graybar can provide and deliver jobsite boxes, carts and clamshells. These containers can easily be moved from room to room and floor to floor on heavy duty equipped casters.

The containers can be picked up and replenished as needed to meet your jobsite requirements. For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

Job Boxes and Carts offered:

  • Clamshell Cart
  • Conduit Cart
  • Palletainer (casters optional)
  • Side by Side (3-shelf and 4-shelf)
  • Side by Side (4-shelf)
  • BIM Modeling Cart (for purchase only)

Customer Benefits:

  • Stock per job phase to help organize material on jobsite
  • Improves electrician efficiency; less effort spent on non-installation activities
  • Reduced storage costs, ordering, receiving and billing
  • Increased productivity through less material handling and loss, congestion, damage, over-ordering, remobilization and transportation to jobs
  • Reduce cost of labor effort spent on non-installation activities

Sustainability According to the Whole Building Design Guide, cardboard can make up to 10-12 percent of waste generated on a jobsite. Product packaging can be removed at the Graybar warehouse and recycled via certified recyclers. In addition, smaller items may be shipped in these reusable containers, thus avoiding the use of more cardboard.**

** Whole Building Design Guide

Repackaging options not available where country of origin, hazardous material, or other information is legally required.