• Strip Cables & Wires Quickly & Easily with Jokari Tools from L.H. Dottie

    Stripping cables can be a real drag. Switching from utility knives to wire strippers doesn’t just tire you out—it eats up valuable install time too. Lower your Total Cost of Install (TCI) and keep your mitts safe with L. H. Dottie’s line of Jokari tools. Jokari cable and wire strippers put versatility, safety, and precision into your hands.


  • Complete Fiber Optic Installs Quickly & Accurately with Infinium Splice-On Connectors from Legrand

    Redoing work isn’t just a drag—it’s also costly. On fiber optic installs, re-terminations cost you twice: first on labor and then on materials. So why rely on traditional fiber optic termination methods that are hit-or-miss at best? With Infinium Splice-On Connectors from Legrand, you’ll reduce your Total Cost of Install and get the job done quickly, accurately, and efficiently.


  • Get it Done Better & Faster with Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts

    Slow installations and costly callbacks are like thorns in your side. When you’re vying for more profits, both scenarios are bad news for your Total Cost of Install (TCI). So why choose flimsy, all-plastic cable ties that could snap when you tighten them or break after you’re “done” with the job? Do it right the first time with Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts.


  • Klein Tools Journeyman Gloves: Get a Grip on Efficiency, Safety & Productivity

    Choosing the wrong work glove poses a serious threat to your safety and productivity. Improper functionality slows you down, and inadequate protection opens you up to the risk of injury and costly downtime. Whether you’re pulling wire, working with power tools, or switching between light-duty tasks and computer work, Klein Tools has a Journeyman Glove that’s a perfect fit for the task at hand.


  • Cut Labor Costs & Streamline Ordering: Versatile, Compatible, Easy-Install Copper and Fiber Components from Allen Tel Products

    When you’re gunning for a lower Total Cost of Install (TCI), every bit of extra efficiency counts. Wasting time sourcing from multiple suppliers doesn’t exactly help your cause, and neither does an install that moves at a glacial pace. Streamline ordering and cut labor costs with Allen Tel’s versatile, compatible, easy-to-install copper and fiber optic components.


  • Fluke Networks' FI-500 Fiber Inspection Scope Takes the Guesswork Out of Quality Assurance

    Tired of the headaches involved in inspecting your fiber optic endfaces? Fluke Networks’ FI-500 Fiber Inspection Scope makes it easier with built-in probe illumination, USB camera, and LCD display. View and evaluate each endface in under one second using the device’s autofocus, and prevent fiber failure by identifying contaminated endfaces. The device’s compact design offers easy access to tight spaces like data center cabinets, saving time and money with a simplified inspection process.


  • These Levels Were Made For Electrical Installers: Precision Levels From IDEAL Industries

    When you’re cleaning up at home, “good enough” usually does it. But when you’re making saddle or offset bends to electrical conduit, any less than perfect just won’t fly. Doglegs slow you down, resulting in costly do-overs and a rising Total Cost of Install (TCI). But with Precision Levels from IDEAL, you’ll get the job done right the first time.


  • A Safer Solution: Greenlee’s C3 Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter

    The tedious, dangerous process of notching armored cable is a thing of the past. Greenlee’s C3 Auto Whip Clad Cable Cutter is fully enclosed, preventing the risk of injury associated with using a bulky saw. The C3 Auto Whip allows users to upload custom whip configurations and change effortlessly from one configuration to another; cutting clad cable has never been easier.


  • Reduce Labor & Installation By At Least 70 Percent: The Clik-Nut Hardware Kit From Chatsworth Products

    Time is money, especially where Total Cost of Install (TCI) is concerned. But when you’re fumbling around with standard cage nut hardware, it feels like time is slipping through your fingers. With the Clik-Nut™ Hardware Kit from Chatsworth Products (CPI), you’ll slash labor and installation time by at least 70 percent. On the TCI front, that’s a definite win.


  • BURNDY’s HYGROUND Irreversible Compression Grounding System Raises the Bar in Safety and Performance

    Safe and easy to use, BURNDY's HYGROUND Irreversible Compression Grounding System is the industry leader in providing cost-effective, high-performance grounding solutions. Connections using the HYGROUND system can be made in three minutes or less, and each connection is clearly embossed with catalog numbers, conductor sizes, and other information for easy and accurate identification. Rugged and long-lasting, HYGROUND compression connectors can be safely installed in all weather conditions.