• Strip Cables & Wires Quickly & Easily with Jokari Tools from L.H. Dottie

    Stripping cables can be a real drag. Switching from utility knives to wire strippers doesn’t just tire you out—it eats up valuable install time too. Lower your Total Cost of Install (TCI) and keep your mitts safe with L. H. Dottie’s line of Jokari tools. Jokari cable and wire strippers put versatility, safety, and precision into your hands.


  • Get it Done Better & Faster with Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts

    Slow installations and costly callbacks are like thorns in your side. When you’re vying for more profits, both scenarios are bad news for your Total Cost of Install (TCI). So why choose flimsy, all-plastic cable ties that could snap when you tighten them or break after you’re “done” with the job? Do it right the first time with Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts.


  • Milwaukee’s M18 9.0 High Demand Battery: The Battery That Gives You More, More, More

    Milwaukee’s awe-inspiring M18 9.0 HD Battery offers more power and run-time than any standard lithium battery. Delivering a cordless solution that you can rely on even in the most demanding situations, this high-demand battery relies on REDLITHIUM technology to produce efficient power. And with a larger surface area and energy efficient material, it runs up to 60% cooler than competitive lithium batteries.


  • 2016 GFCI Update: Powerful New Layer of Receptacle Safety

    An electrical surge can damage the ground fault sensors, leaving users vulnerable to the risk of electrocution. Manual monthly testing goes a long way to minimizing that risk. But expecting users to test with that frequency overlooks human nature.


  • One Floor Box for Every Install: Legrand Evolution Series Floor Boxes

    Nothing eats into your Total Cost of Install (TCI) faster than wasting time choosing the right part or, worse yet, discovering you don’t have the part you need. Relax. With Legrand’s Evolution™ Series Floor Boxes, you’ll always have the right floor box on hand. With six sleek finishes and limitless configurations, Evolution Series Floor Boxes adapt to every type of installation, aesthetic, and floor construction.


  • Unparalleled Labor Savings: Service Wire’s ServicePlex

    There is a better alternative to paralleled wire–because it’s faster, less expensive, and more convenient: Service Wire’s ServicePlex. Why pay for four or five reels of single or parallel cable when one reel of ServicePlex will do the job better and faster? ServicePlex® is an assembly of quality single conductors cabled with optional ground wires, creating a consistent, uniform construction. This assenbly provides significant savings in set-up, installation costs and reduced scrap. With that kind of efficiency, it’s no wonder contractors save between 50-70 percent in labor with ServicePlex.


  • Fully Adjustable 4-Inch Round Recessed Floor Boxes - The next big step in innovation

    Hubbell SystemOne Fully Adjustable Recessed floor boxes has an integral, patent pending, mounting cup which adjusts the device mounting depth to 3 inches, no matter the floor thickness. The cup allows for the electrical devices to be adjusted upwards up to 1½ inches.


  • Reduce Your Total Cost of Install (TCI) in a Snap: CADDY’s Snap-to-Stud Electrical Box Bracket

    Would you clean your driveway with a toothbrush or blast it with a pressure washer? Unless you’re trying to conserve water, we bet you’d choose the latter. Spending excessive amounts of time and energy to install traditional electrical boxes isn’t exactly practical either. Introducing CADDY’s Snap-to-Stud Electrical Box Bracket, with a self-leveling feature to ensure the electrical box is always square to the stud before permanently mounting. With CADDY’s Snap-to-Stud Electrical Box Bracket, you’ll get the job done in a snap.


  • Where Versatility, Efficiency & Performance Meet: Metalux Industrial Applications from Eaton's Lighting

    There's no one-lamp-fits-all approach to lighting. Whether you’re working with customers in manufacturing, food processing, grocery, or warehousing and distribution, each individual facility calls for a different combination of luminaires and lighting controls. Trust Eaton’s Metalux product line to deliver LED lighting solutions that are efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install.


  • The Stack, Seal & Done Fireproofing Solution: 3M Fire Barrier Solutions

    When your Total Cost of Install (TCI) is on the line, you don’t have time for messy, slow-as-molasses firestop installs. So why waste time fiddling around with mineral wool, chicken wire, and runny, ineffective fireproofing foams? Enough messing around. With UL-Listed 3M Fire Barrier Solutions, you’ll finish firestop installations quickly and confidently.