Conduits and Couplings You Can Count On

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When harsh industrial applications require robust solutions, count on Industrial Liquid-Tuff™ flexible liquidtight conduits from Graybar and AFC Cable Systems. Blending innovation and engineering, AFC's dependable, flexible liquidtight products offer tough characteristics for your specific applications — such as hazardous environments, wet or oily conditions or confined public spaces like subways and tunnels.

AFC Cable Systems Industrial Liquid-Tuf conduits

The liquidtight line includes UL LSZH or Extreme Temperature LFMC conduits featuring surface finishes and flexibility coupled with durable halogen-free compounds. For applications requiring a conduit that can perform in temperature ranges from 1050 C to -550 C, choose the Hi/Low Temperature Liquid-Tuff.

Need liquidtight conduits in a variety of colors for identification? We offer UL LFMC in black, red, orange, green, blue and yellow along with standard gray. And our LFMC-A non-metallic liquidtight is a flexible, strong and performance-driven conduit that's ready to meet the demands of constant-motion equipment such as robotic arms.

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Just insert...tighten...and cut conduit installation time in half.* Plus eliminate the need to purchase, inventory and install separate couplings with Kwik-Couple® and Kwik-Fit® products from Allied.

Allied Tube & Conduit Kwik-Couple® Conduit

Kwik-Couple® Conduit's patented, factory-installed couplings eliminate the need to spin a heavy conduit or elbows. Simply line up the ends of these IMC and GRC conduits, spin the Kwik-Couple coupling forward onto the next piece, then tighten with a wrench. It's easy...and fast, too! Kwik-Couple Conduit comes in 10 ft. lengths in trade sizes 21⁄2 through 4. Kwik-Couple IMC is UL listed to UL 1242 (IMC standard) and to UL 514-B (fittings standard), and manufactured in accordance with ANSI C80.6. Kwik-Couple GRC is listed to UL6 (rigid steel) and UL 514B (fittings standard), and manufactured in accordance with ANSI C80.1.

Allied Tube & Conduit Kwik-Fit® EMT

Kwik-Fit® EMT has all the benefits of the standard EMT plus an integrated steel set-screw coupling. Simply insert the plain end of the EMT into the coupling end and tighten the set-screws. E-Z Pull® interior coating allows wire to pull through the conduit smoothly and easily with a lower coefficient of static friction. It's all steel for superior strength,performance and excellent ground return path. Available in 10 ft. lengths in trade sizes 1¼ to 4, Kwik-Fit EMT is listed to UL Standard 797 Electrical Metallic Tubing-Steel and UL 514B Conduit, Tubing and Cable Fittings, and manufactured in accordance with ANSI Standard C80.3.

Allied Tube & Conduit Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT

With a built-in steel compression coupling that has just one gland nut to be tightened, Kwik-Fit® Compression EMT reduces installation time up to 50 percent and lets you move on to the next job fast! It eliminates the need to purchase, store and install separate couplings or juggle separate pieces during installation. This EMT is all steel for superior strength, performance and excellent ground return, and ductility offers easier bending capabilities.

The unique exterior in-line coating is a Flo-Coat® hot galvanizing process that provides a triple-sealed compatible organic layer that inhibits white rust and increases corrosion resistance. The interior E-Z Pull® coating makes wire-pulling smooth and easy with a lower coefficient of static friction. Available in trade sizes 11⁄4 to 4, it's listed to UL Safety Standards 797& 514-B and meets ANSI Standard C80.3.

Allied Tube & Conduit True Color EMT

Forget about spray painting, powder coating or taping to identify installed circuits, thanks to True Color™ EMT. It comes in nine bright and basic colors for instant identification of multiple electrical circuits so maintenance staff will easily tell fire alarm circuits from power wiring from datacom conduits and more. Hot-galvanized for durability with a vibrant top coat, True-Color EMT also offers damage-resistant strength combined with ductility for easy bending. The E-Z Pull® interior finish provides a smooth raceway for fast wire-pulling and easy installation.

Recognized as an equipment grounding conductor per NEC section 250.118, True Color EMT offers superb EMF shielding characteristics. It's listed to UL Safety Standard 797 and meets ANSI C80.3.

Your Graybar representative has complete information about the value and benefits of using liquidtight conduits, Kwik-Couple, Kwik-Fit and True Color EMT in your industrial applications.