Graybar Speeds Up the Jobsite — Software Solutions Keeps Inventory In Order

The Challenge

Inventory management on a jobsite can be a challenge and a time and resource drain. In July 2008, Coghlin Electric, a Boston-based electrical contractor, was one of three contractors working on a new bio-manufacturing facility for a major pharmaceutical company. Construction of the facility, located on a vast 89-acre site in Devens, Mass., would require an incredible amount of coordination and materials to complete.

Coghlin needed to quickly order materials to get the job started. They also needed a smart, efficient way to manage the materials once they arrived on site. The answer for both the materials and an onsite management solution was found through one distributor – Graybar.

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The Solution

Graybar, a Fortune 500 corporation and one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America, is a leader in the distribution of high-quality electrical, communications and networking products, and specializes in related supply chain management and logistics services.

Its program, Graybar SmartStock®, offers a broad range of inventory management solutions that help to reduce time, effort and cost. The program offers two levels of functionality: Graybar SmartStock Plus and Graybar SmartStock Select, making it customizable for any size business or project.

Coghlin needed one crucial piece of information from its material management software: phase code data. In addition to the ability to bill on use, having phase codes electronically assigned to each item would allow Coghlin to meet the material tracking and billing requirements of the job.

So Graybar suggested Graybar SmartStock Select, its most sophisticated inventory management system, which is an easy-to-use remote stock management and replenishment software and service.

Graybar SmartStock Select:

  • Automates manual counting and replenishment processes at the jobsite, eliminating costly inefficiencies while improving order fulfillment.
  • Integrates with a contractor’s purchasing and accounting systems to reduce time and paperwork.
  • Utilizes a PDA barcode scanner, capturing phase codes as material is removed from inventory. This information can then be uploaded to the contractor’s system.
  • Can be set up to bill on use, reducing costs to actual amounts used.
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The Results

"We implemented the solution for Coghlin in lightning speed and were up and running in three weeks," said Steven Horst, a national market manager for Graybar.

Graybar SmartStock Select’s streamlined, electronic processing allows for the quick transmission of purchasing upload reports, pricing data, summary billing and phase code reporting for Coghlin, without wasting paper. And it’s reliable.

"We check Graybar’s internal processing data against the Graybar SmartStock Select system, and we haven’t had a single hiccup,” said Horst. “This software solution has unmatched inventory management capabilities and has greatly benefited both Coghlin and Graybar."


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