We Can Help You Reduce Waste with Supply Chain Waste Walks

Opportunity Walks

Engaging with our valued customers and suppliers to help the industry become more efficient.

What is a Supply Chain Waste Walk?

Driven by Graybar’s Continuous Improvement department, Supply Chain Waste Walks are designed to identify opportunities to reduce waste in your company’s processes and procedures. We can address a variety of areas or specific issues. Issues could include how your company interfaces with Graybar, how your employees complete day-to-day tasks, your warehouse receiving, inventory management and shipping processes. Learn more about Supply Chain Waste Walks today!

Types of Waste

  • Material
  • Capital
  • Time
  • Gross Profit

Sustainability Supply Chain Waste Walks can reveal areas where you can reduce paper waste, uncover recycling opportunities, and improve energy efficiencies.

Why do a Supply Chain Waste Walk?

We often become set in our ways, confined by routines and long-standing procedures that work but may not be the most efficient. A Supply Chain Waste Walk outside perspective can provide a new way of thinking and potentially help you become more productive and profitable.

Take Time to Think

  • What challenges do you face in managing your business that Graybar impacts?
  • If you had a resource that could fix anything, what would you fix?

What does a Supply Chain Waste Walk cost?

Nothing! After nearly a decade of internal Supply Chain Waste Walks, we are pleased to extend their success to our valued customers and suppliers at no cost.

Want to See How Supply Chain Walks Have Helped Other Companies?

Read one of our case studies to learn the advantages of Supply Chain Walks.

Graybar Helps Evansville Plant Improve Productivity and Profitability with Opportunity Walk

After performing an Opportunity Walk, Graybar helped Silgan improve efficiencies and productivity of their Evansville plant by utilizing ShopGraybar, Advanced Shipping Notices, Summary Billing and Usage Reports.


Graybar Opportunity Walk Helps Leading Food and Beverage Company Save Time

During the Opportunity Walk, one of the location’s biggest frustrations was uncovered – the procurement process. With access to more than 450,000 products, real-time customer pricing and availability, and quote request options, ShopGraybar has successfully helped to simplify the location’s procurement process.


Leading Full-Service Electrical Contractor Streamlines Processes with Graybar Opportunity Walk

Since the Opportunity Walk, the contractor has reported a decrease in daily returns, deliveries, processing of reordered product and time spent resourcing materials. Prior to the change, project managers were spending around five hours a week resourcing project materials; now it’s down to about 30 minutes a week.


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