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How Offering Financing Can Influence a Decision Maker (Owner or CFO)

According to the EPA, one of the main reasons that Energy Efficient (EE) projects do not move forward is because of “Lack of Money” or budgetary concerns. These fiscal hurdles make it essential to offer a financing option to the decision maker at the beginning of the proposal process. 

Why are financing options not included in the EE Proposal? The answer is often due to the lack of understanding financial products and options. So this makes it important to work with a financing expert before speaking with the decision maker.

With decades of experience a GFS financing expert can help you understand the types of third party financing products and options that are available for EE projects and how to address the decision makers with correct terminology.

Utilize the GFS EE Proposal Generator or Quick Quote App to clarify the benefits of a financing energy efficiency project. The EE Cash Flow Calculator will provide how much new energy efficiency equipment can be purchased, whether financing the project now is the correct decision and what is the cost of waiting?