Welcome to Graybar Corporate Accounts

As a Graybar Corporate Account, you receive special benefits and services that are customized for you. A Strategic Account Manager (SAM) is assigned to meet your national needs. Your SAM is the single point of contact for strategy and decision-making. He or she will coordinate Graybar’s resources to leverage our value and expertise for you. The SAM:

  • Learns your business, market priorities, issues, objectives and strategies to be a valuable resource to you
  • Acts as a liaison between companies and coordinates all contract management tasks
  • Reviews and reports to you on all performance and quality metrics on a regular basis
  • Resolves implementation issues and ensures corrective actions are applied as necessary
  • Identifies your business needs, cost savings opportunities and initiates the implementation of new initiatives
  • Establishes and coordinates continuous improvement processes
  • Aligns the targets and goals of the strategic alliance with your overall logistic strategy

The corporate accounts team provides you with industry-best practices and access to Graybar’s years of experience from working with a number of industries. The Corporate Accounts Centralized Customer Service Group and National Call Center provide a single point of contact for customer order entry and sales support.
Other benefits include:

  • Leading-edge logistics solutions such as customer-specific bar code labeling
  • ISO 9001:2008 and TL9000 quality certification
  • Special packaging
  • Preferred customer pricing with additional benefits, warranties, terms and conditions that are no less favorable than those currently offered to any similarly situated customers, including guaranteed cost-savings programs
  • The latest e-business capabilities and technology resources including:
    • Custom electronic catalogs
    • Punch-out catalogs
    • Numerous business-to-business electronic transactions
    • Assigned e-business implementation resources
  • Preferred handling of all financial matters including:
    • Assigned financial manager to coordinate all issues nationally
    • Special leasing arrangement through Graybar Financial Services®
    • Special payment terms and conditions including Electronic Funds Transfer and Evaluated Receipt Settlement
    • Thought leadership from Graybar’s involvement and guidance in multiple trade organizations across the markets we serve including: BICSI, ANSI, UPMG, ISO, USMA, TL9000, NAED, IEC, NECA, IDEA, TIA and NAW
For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.