Get SCE Rebates on Screw-in Lighting Replacements Today!

Get SCE Rebates on 
Screw-in Lighting
Replacements Today!
The SCE utility rebate program has just been updated to include a per fixture incentive based on $/kilolumen for eligible screw-in lighting replacements.


Let us assist you with rebate-eligible LED screw-in replacements.

You can benefit with:

  • 66% savings in your electricity bill
  • Almost maintenance-free LED replacements
  • Better lighting coverage for improved safety
  • Financing available
  • No applications or paperwork required


Eligible Products

Description Rebate
Screw In LED Candelabra $4.00
Screw In LED A-Line $4.00-$6.00
Screw In LED PAR 20 $8.00
Screw In PAR 30 $9.00
Screw In PAR 38 $13.00
LED MR16 $7.00
Selected LED Wall Packs $50.00
Selected LED Downlights $17.00
Contact Graybar for more information:
Mike Milligan | Graybar Sales Manager
(909) 569-7806  |

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Southern California Edison GE Screw-in PAR38
The Cost of Energy Impacts Your Business
Every day your store is leaking money that you may not be aware of
  • Lighting accounts for approximately 35% of your energy expense
  • Energy is the Second Highest retailer operating expense
  • The EPA has identified Energy Savings potential up to 21% for supermarkets and up to 41% for retail stores
  • Store Image
  • Product/Store Perception
  • Mood
Employee Productivity
  • Mistakes
  • Speed
  • Mood
  • Health
  • Falls
  • Lawsuits
  • Bad PR
  • Safety
See How Newk's Restaurant Chain Reduced Their Energy Usage by 90%
Newks Case Study article image
"The retrofit made sense for our business goals and our efforts toward sustainability, and revitalized the restaurant atmosphere. We're extremely pleased with the outcome," said Franchisee Todd Jackson.

By analyzing and upgrading the lighting system in Newk's 4,000-square-foot Mountain Brook, Alabama restaurant, Graybar helped reduce their total wattage needs by 90 percent, saving the restaurant $3,851 per year in energy costs. Learn more »
Additional Case Studies:
Lighting Retrofit is Easy on the Eyes
Good Lighting is Great for Business
Increase Sales
  • National Bureau of Lighting study shows lighting upgrades increases:
    • Traffic by one-third
    • Sales by 38%
    • Profits by 19%
Improve Performance
  • 25% fewer instances of loss of work due to vision discomfort/illness caused by poor lighting
  • Quality lighting results in a 3-5% gain in employee productivity according to Cornell University study
Reduce Liabilities
  • Customers can easily navigate the store and parking lot
  • The right lighting operates as a security device, crime is diminished, customers feel safer
Graybar Makes Lighting Renovations Simple
  • Graybar has worked on lighting projects for over 100 years.
  • We have lighting specialists on staff to help plan, design and implement your retrofit.
  • We bring together the manufacturers, integrators, installers and can manage the project from start to finish.
  • We put the plan together, you review and approve.
Making the Switch to Affordable LED Solutions
High cost has been the foremost deterrent for contractors and end-users in making the switch to LED lighting. But in recent months, affordable LED lamps that offer significant energy savings, easy installation and low maintenance have begun to creep into the market and are expected to accelerate the leap to LED.

This presentation takes a look at several of the newest LED solutions hitting the market that enable the easy replacement of inefficient incandescent, CFL and halogen lighting without the need for a costly upgrade. It addresses some of the common issues contractors face when selling lighting into a job and how to overcome those challenges within vertical markets. Watch Now »
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