B-Line Introduces a Better Mouse Trap

Cooper B-Line Introduces a Better Mouse Trap

Eaton's B-Line business recently introduced a new cable support that installs faster and easier while securing up to six MC cables in one support.

This new support can be push mounted on the stud for positioning and secured with only one screw – saving you time and money.

  • Improved Design — Stiffer and stronger than alternative options
  • Precise positioning of cables — Unique design ensures cables are positioned 11/4” from the face of the stud
  • Greater Capacity — Supports up to 6 runs of MC cable
  • Stronger — Stiffening Ribs and More Material
  • Easier to adjust than alternative designs — Zip tie locking tab allows trouble-free securing of cables
  • Can be push mounted to stud for positioning
  • Securely attaches to stud using only 1 screw — 50% less than other designs
  • Longer Tabs! Easier to Lock-Down! No Crimping!

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