Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer

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Fluke’s VT02 Visual IR Thermometer combines the convenience of an infrared thermometer with the visual advantage of a thermal imager, creating a brand new tool category – a troubleshooting camera with infrared heat map. This technology greatly improves the efficiency and safety of electrical work.

Features at a Glance

  • Provides a visual image of exactly what you are measuring
  • Detects issues instantaneously
  • Pinpoints with hot and cold markers – blended image captures a center point temperature measurement and hot and cold markers all at once with a click of a button
  • Troubleshoots efficiently with point and shoot focus-free design with little to no training required

The New Fluke VT02 in Action

Read how a master commercial electrician put Fluke's new VT02 to the test and what he thought of the results.

Fluke VT02 Brochure

In the past, blending has been the exclusive territory of tools priced five to ten times higher, but not anymore. It’s standard with your new Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer. And because the technology is so easy to use, it doesn’t require any advanced training.

[VID] Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer

See 30 circuits at once in electrical panels with Fluke's new Visual IR Thermometer. Watch the video and then learn more about the Fluke VT02 IR Thermometer.


But sometimes our customers say it best. The following is a testimonial from Active Engineering Master Commercial Electrician, Brannon Daly.

1. What is your line of work?
I’m a Master Commercial Electrician working on a variety of commercial, light industrial and residential buildings. I also do service work, which includes troubleshooting, repair, and replacement such as adding switchgear.

2. What type of applications do you have for IR temperature measurement and troubleshooting?
I need to check the breaker temperature at electrical panels, scanning for areas that are much hotter than others. If I see one breaker that’s only -15°C (5°F) or -14.4°C (6°F) hotter than everything else, then the circuit is probably under load. But if one breaker reads 26.7°C (80°F) and another is 62.7°C (145°F), then I know there’s a loose wire or something else is seriously wrong.

3. What tools do you currently use for these applications?
I probably use a Fluke IR Thermometer four or five times per week. The problem with a laser pointer is that it’s hard to tell exactly what you’re pointing at and which circuit is hot. I’ve also tried a basic thermal imager and I can see the hot spot on the thermal image, but I can’t read the breaker number or tell exactly how hot it is.

4. What were your first impressions of the VT02?
When I first picked up the VT02, the display was set to 100% thermal and I could see that I had a hot spot on the electrical panel. I changed it to the blended image so I was seeing 50% thermal and 50% visible light. Then not only did the hot spot jump right out, but I could also clearly read the breaker number and I instantly knew where the problem was.

5. What advantages does the VT02 offer you in temperature applications?
Having the visual image of what you’re looking at is huge. Like they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." It’s the kind of thing you have to use to really understand how cool it is. The fact that you can point it at a panel, push a button, immediately see the heat and read which breaker number it is – I think that’s what will really impress electricians.

The small size is good and the VT02 is very light, much lighter than other cordless tools I carry.

I also like having the SD card in it so I can save images for documentation. Sometimes I’m checking facilities with 12 electrical rooms and six or seven panels in each room. It would be great to record all my work as I go.

6. Do you think the VT02 saves time?
Definitely. Instead of taking a minute or more with an IR thermometer and going through the breakers one by one to try to find out which one is the problem, I can cover the whole panel at once in 20 or 30 seconds. I can go right to the exact breaker that’s an issue.

It would also be at least twice as fast to pinpoint hot motor bearings or check motor temperature.

7. How would the VT02's SmartView® software impact your job?
I think documenting a job using the SmartView® software would offer a lot of value to both commercial and residential customers. You could finish a job and turn it over to the building owner with documentation that shows everything looks good. The wires are tight and everything looks clean and safe. You can provide images of the panels, showing that everything is operating normally. There’s no arcing, no heat. I think once customers get this kind of service from us, it’s going to establish a standard and they’re going to expect it from other contractors. They'll say, “See what Active Engineering gave us when the job was done!”

And if I’m doing service or routine maintenance like checking receptacles and I find a problem, I can show the customer a picture. They don’t have to know anything about electricity to know that red means hot and that is bad.

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