Save Energy with the New Efficient Fusetron®

Cooper Bussmann Fusetron

Bussmann has recently introduced a new, green, energy-efficient class RK5 fuse called the Fusetron by Eaton's Bussmann business. You can recognize this fuse by the distinctive bright green label. This fuse is available in 250 and 600 volts from 1/10A – 600A. On average, the energy efficient Fusetron will consume 23% less energy than the next leading brand reducing your carbon footprint.

You might not know it, but fuses consume energy! This is due to the internal resistance from the fuse element. Think of the Energy Star program. A big screen TV and home computers consume energy even while turned off. A better designed product can lead to a more efficient design.

The following are a few examples of the savings experienced by using the energy-efficient Fusetron from Cooper Bussmann. These examples were calculated by reviewing a fuse list of volt and amp ratings for each facility. Then the watt loss was compared to Bussmann's database and the savings were annualized.

A $122 savings is realized in a small facility which is equivalent to the cost of seven 60 amp fuses. A 200,000 square foot facility reduced energy costs equivalent to the cost of (26) 30 amp fuses. These are all conservative numbers and relatively small annual savings but significant overtime. It is important to note that there is no upfront investment – so if all other factors were equal why not choose a more energy efficient fuse.

Let's review. The improved design of the energy-efficient Fusetron reduces watts-loss and saves energy. It can be used anywhere class RK5 fuses are installed in 250V or 600V ac applications. The savings can add up over time and help reduce the carbon footprint. So "Use Less Energy" and "Save More Money" with the Cooper Bussmann® Fusetron Energy Efficient Fuse!

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