Reclaim Underutilized Cooling Capacity and Reduce Energy Expenses with Panduit Universal Aisle Containment

Panduit Universal Aisle Containment

The Net-Contain™ Universal Aisle Containment System allows users to reclaim underutilized cooling capacity, reduce energy expense, and reduce OpEx by retrofitting their existing data center with a versatile containment system. The system includes an independent support structure, sliding doors, vertical blanking panels, and roof structure. This flexible offering can be configured in Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle containment and allows the addition of cabinets of varying sizes and design as needed, reducing deployment time and capital investment.

Benefits include:

  • Reclaim Cooling Capacity – Retrofitting the Net-Contain™ Universal Aisle Containment System into your existing data center allows you to optimize the separation of hot and cold air enabling higher per cabinet density, reclaiming 10% of existing cooling capacity
  • Reduce Operational Expense – Containment reduces cooling energy consumption by as much as 40%
  • Reduce CapEx – The Net-Contain™ Universal Aisle Containment System provides you with the flexibility to build a containment system

[PDF] Net-Contain™ Universal Aisle Containment System Product Bulletin
[PDF] Net-Contain Universal Aisle Containment Spec Sheet

[PDF] Net-Contain and Net-Direct Thermal Management Solution

Contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR to learn more about Universal Aisle Containment from Panduit.

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