PON – New Technology for Networking Infrastructure

PON has been around for many years in the service provider space. Does fiber to the home or the triple play ring a bell? Now PON is finally making its way into the enterprise space with opportunities for customers deploying new infrastructure or new construction. The technology is catching on. In fact, the U.S. Army has adopted PON as its standard LAN infrastructure for military bases.

It's a no brainer. Deploying Local Area Networks with fiber virtually eliminates the need to upgrade in the future. Single mode fiber has the capacity to transmit more than 10 terabytes of data per second over a span of 11 miles. This gives the network plenty of capability for the foreseeable future.

PON is mostly a commercial market play and performs well in healthcare, college campuses, hotels and office buildings. A PON network eliminates the need for switches and a wiring closet, which means fewer points of failure.

How PON Works

The optical line terminal (OLT) is the heart of the PON network. Using single mode fiber, the OLT connects to passive optical splitters, which replace the switch in the closet and require no power. They typically split the signal from one input to 32 outputs. From there, the signal travels to the optical network terminal (ONT) at the users’ workstation. Traditional wiring closets are replaced by wall boxes that house the splitters. The savings for a PON solution start to kick in with 200 to 300 users. Equipment providers include Zhone, Motorola, Telabs and CommScope, and connectivity providers include Corning, 3M and CommScope.


Winning with PON

With a PON solution the customer definitely wins. You get superior technology while capital expenditure and operating expenditure are significantly lower. "We suggest a PON solution because Graybar provides the best resources and the latest solutions," Director, Emerging Technology, Karl Griffith said. "PON is only one component of a larger intelligent building solution that we can provide which includes other technologies including DAS, security, energy and notification."

Graybar is already winning over customers with PON. Last year, Graybar and IBM deployed PON to five floors of the Empire State Building. Graybar is in the process of doing the same with a healthcare organization looking to replace its networking infrastructure.

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