The Panduit Select Mobile Catalog App: Reduce Slowdowns With Mobile-Optimized, Anytime-Anywhere Product Selection

Panduit Select Mobile App

Streamlined Operations = Greater Profits

To get the job done, contractors and site managers often need to change direction on the fly. A typical jobsite spans hundreds of thousands of square feet. Selecting a new part often means running all over the place to find a working computer. While it contributes to your daily exercise, lack of mobile data availability throws a wrench in the entire construction process—no one has time to track down a computer to identify and select parts, and idle personnel adds cost and complication to a project.

Bringing The Power Of Panduit To Any Job

Contractors choose the Panduit Select mobile catalog app to make on-the-spot decisions that keep business moving. Contractors identify and select the Panduit items they need, when they need them, without holding up the progress of a job. The end result is greater productivity and reduced operational costs.

Users can manipulate and share timely information with your Graybar representative and other stakeholders, just as they would from the office. Since Bills of Materials (BOMs) and project lists are synced with the user’s account, they can access and manage their project data—at the office and in the field—on their device of choice.

For more information, contact your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

The Panduit Select mobile catalog app is available for phones and tablets, from both the Apple® App Store (iOS 7.x) and Google Play (Android 4.x).

  • View Full Catalog: Scan Panduit's catalog to find the item you need, when you need it.
  • Build Your Order: Quickly generate new Bills of Materials (BOMs), including field notes, and email them to your preferred supplier or purchasing team.
  • Save Your Favorites: Store project material lists for later use, or share them remotely with your engineering or project support team.

Download the mobile app from the Apple Store.

Download the mobile app from the Google Play Store.