New NFPA 70E Guidelines Could Affect Your Facility

Arc Flash suit explosion

NFPA 70E is the standard for electrical safety within the work place and is typically updated every three years. Are you aware of the significant changes that occurred within the last two editions?

2012 Changes

In 2012, the NFPA made the following updates to 70E:

  • Development and enforcement of Electrical Safe Work Practices
  • Employee Training Audits
  • Required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Equipment Labeling

2009 Changes

In 2009, NFPA 70E added some important changes that many facilities may have overlooked including current regulatory standards.

  • General Requirements for Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices
  • Re-Certification of CPR-Trained Employees
  • Work Involving Electrical Hazards
  • General Maintenance Requirements

Six Steps to Compliance

While basic compliance to NFPA 70E requirements is established with a five-step process, a sixth step assists the facility owner with fine tuning the electrical power system, both for safety and operability.

  1. Develop and Audit Electrical Safe Work Practices Policy
  2. Conduct an Electrical System Study to Determine the Present Degree of Arc Flash Hazards and Apply Associated Equipment Labeling
  3. Ensure Adequate Supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Proper Tools
  4. Conduct Regularly Scheduled Safety Training and Audits for All Electrical Workers
  5. Maintain All Electrical Distribution System Components
  6. Follow Strategies to Mitigate and Control Arc Flash Hazards

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