Hubbell Premise Grounding and Bonding Offering

Hubbell Premise Grounding Bonding Offering IMG

Hubbell Premise has launched a new line of grounding and bonding products.

The comprehensive product offering is tailored around the UL467 and ANSI/TIA-607-B Standards. The base products are manufactured by BURNDY, a Hubbell company, and contain additional components and accessories for installation in the Premise market required to meet the UL467 and 607-B standards.

The six product sets being offered are:

  1. Clamps – Raised Floor, Pipe
  2. Tools – Power, Manual, Dies, Torque
  3. Connectors – Taps, Bolts, Terminals
  4. Lugs – Long Barrel, Heavy Duty
  5. Busbars – RGB, TGB, TMGB
  6. Kits – Lug based, Install, Jumper

Contact your local Graybar sales representative today to learn more about this new line of products!

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