Graybar Manufacturers Help Keep You Safe

Bulwark Protective Apparel

Protection from bodily harm within the workplace environment is critically important.

When working around a variety of hazards, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products provide a safety barrier against physical hazards. If you're working near charged equipment, arc flash protection and flame-resistant clothing is vital and often mandatory in preventing severe injury or death.

Graybar carries a number of safety products to keep you and your workers safe on the job.

The Honeywell Corporation's safety group includes a large number of premier brands including Salisbury and North by Honeywell. Salisbury offers a complete arc flash protection line, utility live-line tools, insulated tools and grounding equipment. North by Honeywell (formerly North Safety) has a wide range of PPE products for complete body protection.

Bulwark provides a complete solution for flame-resistant (FR) apparel requirements. This clothing requirement is dictated by regulations set forth by NFPA-70E standards. While many electrical contractors need FR apparel, it is most commonly used in three key industries; oil and gas, utility and 70E manufacturing. Bulwark has a full line of FR apparel and ships everything direct.

Ergodyne carries some of the most innovative protection products for workers on the front lines. Ergodyne produces "Tenacious Work Gear" designed to provide protection, regulate temperature and improve productivity. These products include gloves and knee pads, high-visibility vests, cooling or warming devices and tool lanyards.