Cooper Lighting Releases Energy-Saving LED Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaire

Cooper Releases Energy-Saving LED Quadcast

The patent pending Lumark Quadcast™ LED Parking Garage & Canopy Luminaire from Eaton's Cooper Lighting business is an industry leading, innovative, energy saving luminaire. It is designed as a one-for-one replacement to traditional HID, fluorescent and induction light sources. Rotating light panel bars incorporate an integral locking feature for precise aiming from 0 to 150 degrees.

The Quadcast™ LED offers seamless integration into existing or new spaces with super bright energy efficient LEDs. The low-profile, rugged construction, hands free installation features along with stainless steel hardware make Quadcast™ LED the right choice for illuminating parking garages, canopy, stairwells and low-bay retail installations where high security illumination and energy savings is needed.

  • Up to 73% energy savings to traditional light sources
  • Easy to install luminaire lighting with field adjustable optical LED light panels
  • Industry leading 4365 lumens with unparalleled energy savings and easy payback!

Watch this presentation to learn more about Cooper Lighting's Quadcast LED Parking Garage and Canopy Luminaire.

Lumark Quadcast

With a patent pending innovative design, the parking garage/canopy luminaire’s slim profile integrates fully adjustable rotating LED light panels delivering unmatched optical control and energy savings.


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