New Opportunities are Sliding Your Way with Brady Safety Sign Sliders

Brady Safety Sign Sliders

Brady has announced an exciting new product line to help customers convey critical safety messaging throughout their facilities. This product line is called Safety Sign Sliders.

Brady Safety Sign Sliders help keep employees and visitors safe with the most current and important messages. Custom or stock sliding inserts can easily be added, removed or reordered to update safety and awareness messages quickly and cost-effectively.

Features and benefits include:

  • Solves problem of inconsistent signage across multiple locations/facilities
  • Flexible and cost effective – no need to replace entire sign, simply replace individual sliders as work cell requirements change
  • Slider inserts can be customized at no additional cost
  • Color coded message provides critical information at a glance
  • International pictograms help visitors/customers/contractors who don’t speak the native language
  • Wall mounts for entry into work area. Floor mounts for placement where wall mount doesn’t work. Visible from all approachable directions.
  • 4 size variations, 2 materials, 80 stock legends available

[PDF] Brady Safety Sign Sliders Info Sheet

Contact your local Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR learn more about this new product line from Brady.