Are Lockout Tagout Solutions Part of Your Safety Plan?


According to NFPA 70E, employers are required to establish a program for adding appropriate lockout/tagout devices to energy isolating devices in order to prevent injury to employees.

A comprehensive lockout/tagout program must include: machine specific procedures to bring equipment to a zero-energy state, a training curriculum for all employees in a facility and processes to maintain and adjust the program.

Types of lockout devices

Graybar offers a number of products to help you meet OSHA lockout/tagout regulations. Electrical lockout devices isolate electrical energy sources in a facility. Proper isolation of energy sources eliminate the risk of shock hazard or arc flash during maintenance or servicing. Products offered in this category include electrical lockouts for circuit breakers, electric plugs and switches.


Mechanical lockout devices disengage sources in a facility including mechanical, hydraulic, chemical and pneumatic. Graybar carries all of the products you need for mechanical lockout from valves to group lockbox and lockout stations to help your workers save time and work more efficiently.

Need help defining your safety plan?

Graybar offers a number of other products and solutions to complete your safety policy and keep your workers safe including:

Graybar helps keep your workers safe with Lockout/Tagout equipment from Panduit, Hubbell and Brady. Contact your Graybar representative, call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form below to learn more.

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