For High-Performance, Facility-Wide Lighting Management: Acuity Controls® XPoint™ Wireless

Acuity Xpoint Wireless

Complete Control

XPoint Wireless technology from Acuity Controls takes lighting controls to a new level by creating intelligent luminaires that are wirelessly controlled via mesh networks for superior lighting management. To suit the changing needs of a space, this flexible lighting control system enables users to configure lighting in individual luminaires or in zones. This capability allows users to adjust light levels in response to occupancy, available daylight, wall stations, time of day, BMS integration or critical load shed events. With an advanced self-healing wireless mesh network, XPoint Wireless delivers reliable and secure communication between luminaires, and operates well in a variety of settings-from covered parking areas to high bay spaces, corridors and stairwells.

Powerful Insight

For intelligent lighting controls that exceed traditional expectations make XPoint Wireless your first choice. This technology system integrates voltage and current monitoring that supports energy analytics, fixture outage detection and the non-volatile memory retains information during a power failure. Plus, the microcontroller responds to the highest priority command. For a lighting and controls solution that delivers higher efficiency, better savings and powerful insight, choose XPoint Wireless.

Total Simplicity

With its slim profile and ease of mounting within the ballast/driver cavity, XPoint Wireless is designed with the contractor in mind. With an integrated internal antenna, no external antenna is needed. Plus, with distributed intelligence and control, XPoint Wireless operates without an active gateway or repeater, ensuring no single point of failure. Available as factory pre-installed into select luminaires from Acuity Brands; smart is the new simple.

Features of Xpoint Wireless:

  • Wireless: Wireless technology provides simple installation and proven performance
  • Distributed Intelligence: Programming instructions and logic are stored in the luminaire
  • Grouping: Group lights and sensors for a uniform response
  • Scheduling: Schedule custom light levels
  • Occupancy Sensing: Programmable light levels, time delay and dimming rate
  • Daylighting: Programmable set points and time delay for smooth response
  • Demand Response: Automatic demand response and OpenADR protocol
  • BMS: System overrides through building management protocols such as BACnet™

[PDF] XPoint Wireless Spec Sheet

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Contact your local Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR to learn more about this product from Acuity Brands Controls.

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