9 Steps to Plant Safety and Reduced Downtime

Safety helmet

Employee safety and productivity, machine downtime and production throughput are all impacted by the condition of the workplace environment. Here are 9 steps to help make sure your facility is safe:

  1. GFCI receptacles with Self-Test technology provide continually monitored protection. Make sure GFCIs are installed in wet and damp locations. Also, ensure portable power tools are used on circuits with GFCI protection.
  2. To limit arc flash exposure, install an external interface that isolates your workers from live control cabinet components during maintenance.
  3. Use Twist-Lock devices to prevent accidental unplugging of equipment including overhead connections.
  4. There is potential for dangerous arcing when equipment is unintentionally connected or disconnected under load. Use Circuit-Lock Switched Mechanical Interlock Enclosures to virtually eliminate the possibility of making or breaking of a circuit under load.
  5. Standard clamp style cable entrance clamps may not provide adequate strain relief. Instead, use mesh grip for an additional level of protection.
  6. Use cord reels to position potentially hazardous cables above the work space which allows them to be easily retracted when not in use.
  7. Cables and hoses can be damaged when driven over and create a tripping hazard. Use non-metallic cable protectors designed to safeguard electrical cables and cords from vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  8. Use Lockout/Tagout devices to enclose charged equipment and secure with a keyed padlock.
  9. Devices are installed in demanding environments, use corrosion resistant devices in applications where water and chemicals are likely to attack components.

This is just a sampling of the safety measures needed to keep your employees and plant operating at optimal performance. To protect your facility, contact Graybar about scheduling a comprehensive safety assessment.