Graybar awarded U.S. Communities Telecommunications/Security Supplies and Accessories contract

ST. LOUIS, January 6, 2015 – Graybar, a leading distributor of electrical, communications and data networking products and provider of related supply chain management and logistics services, today announced that it has been awarded a three-year contract to distribute telecommunications and security supplies and accessories to the participants of U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance. Los Angeles County served as the lead agency and awarded Graybar the contract after carefully evaluating proposals from several other distributors.

This award represents Graybar’s fourth term as the telecommunications and security supplies and accessories provider through the U.S. Communities cooperative purchasing program. Under the new contract, Graybar will continue to offer manufacturer discounts, strategic sourcing, eBusiness solutions, and volume incentives to the more than 90,000 state, local government, K-12, higher education, special districts and non-profit agencies eligible to use the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance. By negotiating additional savings from its suppliers, Graybar expects to provide additional savings for U.S. Communities participants, while increasing the depth and breadth of products available through the program. Graybar also holds the electrical supplies and services contract for U.S. Communities.

“We are proud to continue our relationship with Los Angeles County and U.S. Communities,” said Bill Mansfield, Graybar Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “In addition to providing overall savings to the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance, Graybar also offers many value-added services during and after the product sale. We look forward to working to the advantage of U.S. Communities participants over the course of this contract.”

Graybar, a Fortune 500 corporation and one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America, is a leader in the distribution of high quality electrical, communications and data networking products, and specializes in related supply chain management and logistics services. Through its network of more than 250 North American distribution facilities, it stocks and sells products from thousands of manufacturers, helping its customer’s power, network and secure their facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency. For more information, visit or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.


About U.S. Communities
U.S. Communities is the leading national government purchasing cooperative that assists local and state government agencies, school districts (K-12), higher education, and nonprofits in reducing the cost of purchased goods through pooling the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide. This is accomplished through competitively solicited contracts for quality products, services and solutions through lead public agencies. Contracts result in the annual procurement of more than $1.6 billion in products and services. Each month more than 600 new public agencies register to participate. This continuing rapid growth of public agency participation is fueled by the program’s proven track record of providing public agencies unparalleled value and the best government pricing available.