Ty-Rap® Detectable Cable Tie System

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Ty-Rap® Detectable Cable Ties, the Ty-Rap® Tote® and the Ty-Gun® Cable Tie Installation Tool by Thomas & Betts are an innovative system that reduce the likelihood of a food safety recall of contamination-sensitive products by 40 to 50 percent – maintaining a high product brand value, mitigating financial risk and enhancing safety.

This efficient, safe and productivity enhancing solution has typical applications in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical production, lumber and paper, tire and airbag manufacturing, and any other contamination-sensitive industry using detection equipment.

The complete system includes:

  • Ty-Rap Detectable Cable Ties – Made from bright blue nylon or polypropylene and contain patented additives that make them easy to spot with X-ray, metal or vision detection equipment and magnets. The polypropylene version also is buoyant for use in areas where liquid products are being processed.
  • Ty-Rap Tote Cable Tie Dispenser – Reduces the risk of dropping or losing Ty-Rap Cable Ties in processing areas. Grab and pull a Ty-Rap Cable Tie out of the Ty-Rap Tote. Only the one you touch will come out. Made of rugged polyester and vinyl, it clips to a belt or tool pouch, allows easy, one-handed access to cable ties and comes in two sizes to hold 4 inch and 8 inch cable ties.
  • Ty-Gun Cable Tie Tool – Cleanly cuts off flush and holds the cable tie tail until the trigger is released and the tail is removed. Ergonomically designed to reduce user hand stress, its 360-degree rotating nose allows ease of use from any position, and the front-access tension adjustment wheel permits fast, easy bundle tightness changes.

Features at a Glance

  • Stainless steel locking device
  • Bright blue color
  • Smooth body strap
  • Rounded, low-profile head
  • Patented additives make them easy to spot with detection equipment

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