Russellstoll® Interconnection Systems from Thomas and Betts: Rugged, Built-to-Last Systems for Harsh Environments

TNB Russellstoll Interconnection System
Interconnection systems need to function in harsh environments, and at higher voltages and currents than what’s needed in traditional applications. Plant managers, specifier engineers, and electrical contractors need resilient plugs, sockets, connectors, and receptacles that hold up in challenging conditions and respond to common problems including:
  • Corrosion
  • Water Ingress
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Safety
  • Maintenance Reduction
  • International Compliance  

Expertly Engineered, Low-Maintenance Interconnection Systems
Due to its rugged design with MaxGard® and ABB IEC, Russellstoll® Interconnection Systems reduce maintenance in harsh environments by up to 50%, for top-notch efficiency and economy. In industries where water pressure is applied, such as food and beverage and mining, water ingress is virtually eliminated due to the DuraGard® waterproof design. The DuraGard product was also engineered with space-efficiency in mind, with a smaller body than most competitor products for industries such as Data Centers and semiconductors.

With the addition of ABB IEC Industrial Pin and Sleeve Connectors to the Russellstoll line, Thomas & Betts provides the best service in the industry. Products include a comprehensive offering of explosion-proof, heavy- and light-industrial plugs, sockets, connectors and receptacles, which range from 20 to 600 amps.

Product applications at a glance:
  • MaxGard – Heavy Industrial Applications: Ideal for use within harsh environments and extreme conditions such as explosion-proof areas, high-corrosion atmospheres and rugged terrain
  • DuraGard – Light Industrial Applications: Waterproof (1000-PSI water test) and ideal for areas with size constraints, chemicals, moisture, high water pressure, and the need for waterproof vs. water-resistant protection
  • ABB IEC 60309 – Light Industrial Applications: International IEC 60309 – IP67 Watertight and ideal for use in settings that require international interchangeability, watertight construction, and corrosion and chemical resistance

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