OCAL-BLUE® Double-Coat UL® Listed Type 4X Form 8 Conduit Bodies

For the conduit system that has to stand up to a corrosive environment, the OCAL-BLUE® Type 4X Form 8 conduit body meets the challenge. The key is in the cover. Thomas & Betts takes a cast cover and then injection molds an Ocal® PVC coating around it with an integral O-ring seal.

Thomas and Betts Ocal Conduits

There’s no need for tools or gaskets. To meet the harsh requirements of the UL Type 4X listing, you need only hand-tighten the stainless steel encapsulated screws to 15 in.-lbs. of torque.

Ideal for providing corrosion-resistant performance in washdown and other tough applications, OCAL-BLUE® Type 4X Form 8 PVC-coated cast-iron conduit bodies are available in sizes up to 2". Look for the blue to know it’s a high-quality Thomas & Betts product.

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[PDF] OCAL-BLUE Double-Coat UL Listed Type 4X Form 8 Conduit Bodies Catalog

Features and Benefits

  • UL Listed Type 4X and NEMA 4X rating for excellent protection in washdown areas, as well as harsh outdoor environments exposed to moisture, rain, ice or snow
  • Double coated for superior corrosion protection — bodies and covers coated inside and out with .002" (2 mils) blue urethane, then exterior coated with a minimum of .040" (40 mils) PVC
  • PVC coating in your choice of blue, gray or white — custom colors also available
  • Conduit bodies ship complete (PVC-coated cast-iron conduit body comes with mated cast-iron cover, injection molded with an integral O-ring seal and stainless steel encapsulated screws)
  • Covers also sold separately for replacement

Typical Applications

  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Petrochemical Refining and Processing
  • Bridges, Tunnels and Other Transportation Infrastructure
  • Coal Mine Cleaning Operations