• Ty-Duct Halogen-Free Wide Slot Wiring Duct from Thomas & Betts

    RoHS-compliant and halogen-free with modified PPE construction, Ty-Duct has a higher temperature rating than standard PVC material (203° F/95° C).


  • Get it Done Better & Faster with Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts

    Slow installations and costly callbacks are like thorns in your side. When you’re vying for more profits, both scenarios are bad news for your Total Cost of Install (TCI). So why choose flimsy, all-plastic cable ties that could snap when you tighten them or break after you’re “done” with the job? Do it right the first time with Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts.


  • Steel City Residential Floor Box

    The Steel City® Residential Floor Box is designed to provide superior connection to service lighting, entertainment equipment and computers in single and multi-family housing. The recessed floor box conceals outlets and plugs while in use.


  • Smarter Than Prefab: eFab Strut and Cable Tray Services By Thomas & Betts Help You Implement Lean Construction

    Imagine ordering a six-foot party sub, eating two bites, and throwing the rest out. Wasteful, right? So why order 20 feet of cable struts and only use five? With eFab™ Strut and Cable Tray Services from Thomas & Betts, you order exactly what you need—when you need it. Spend less time cutting and storing cable trays. (And more time finishing that party sub.)


  • Take The "Rough" Out Of Rough-In: eFab Project-Specific Prefabricated Rough-in Solution From Thomas & Betts

    When it comes to donuts, buying more than you need is a delicious mishap. But when you’re prefabbing a rough-in, buying a larger quantity than you require is a decision you’ll surely regret. From shipping expenses to labor and inventory costs, prefabbing a rough-in can be rough. But now there's something better than prefab: eFab™ by Thomas & Betts.


  • The Safe, Easy, Reliable Grounding System: Thomas & Betts Blackburn EZGround Compression Connectors

    Exothermic welds, such as those offered by Thomas & Betts under the Blackburn® brand, have been the standard procedure to bond grounding systems for decades. For veteran installers, the exothermic method’s requirements for various molds, cleaning, maintenance, special precautions, and equipment to withstand tough weather are all just part of a day’s work. As the Baby-Boom generation retires, the electrical workforce is changing, though, and at the same time, electrical contractors are embracing less labor-intensive installation methods to improve profitability. That’s where Blackburn EZGround™ Compression Connectors come in.


  • NEW Ocal Liquidtight Conduit Fittings with Grounding Ring (UL Listed)

    The UL Listed ground ring in the new Ocal Liquidtight Connector offers a perfectly secure connection for a sustainable ground path to ensure personnel and equipment safety.


  • Superstrut Metal Framing System from Thomas & Betts

    The Superstrut™ metal framing system from Thomas & Betts encompasses a full complement of fittings, hardware and accessories to complete any metal framing job. Read more.


  • T&B Fittings High Temperature Liquidtight Conduit Fittings

    Designed for use in temperatures to 150°C (302°F), these conduit fittings are perfect for demanding environments, such as pulp and paper mills, and applications that include industrial ovens, boilers, furnaces and kilns. Learn more.


  • The Keep-That-Door-Closed Safety Solution: Eden Dynamic IP69K Safety Sensors From ABB JOKAB SAFETY

    If you leave your fridge door open, spoiled eggs are the worst of your worries. (Unless you were thawing steaks.) If your customers leave safety guards and machine covers open? The result could be serious production and safety issues. With Eden Dynamic IP69K Safety Sensors, you’ll close the door on risky equipment safety hazards—quickly and cost effectively.