Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Thomas & Betts and Graybar offer complete electrical safety solutions for water and wastewater treatment facilities that protect against corrosion and harsh environments while promoting critical health, safety and environmental benefits. Dependable electrical service to motors and control panels in water and wastewater treatment facilities avoids the risk of potable water contamination, which could potentially harm the environment and result in fines.

Thomas & Betts frequently works with municipal authorities, engineers, buyers, contractors and MRO personnel to design and specify electrical systems for water and wastewater treatment facilities that can extend the life of those systems, and reduce turnaround time for field servicing motors and electrical connections by as much as 45 percent.

These innovative products have been specially designed to protect against corrosion and harsh environments and promote HSE benefits:

Ocal® PVC-coated conduit and fittings, including OCAL-BLUE® Type 4X Form 8 conduit bodies, provide superior protection against both corrosion and liquid ingress. Thomas & Betts Ocal
Russellstoll® DuraGard® non-metallic pin-and-sleeve connectors, plugs and receptacles provide waterproof connections, and are also water tight when unmated to prevent liquid ingress into devices. Thomas & Betts Russellstoll Duraguard
T&B® Fittings CorroStall® FS/FD conduit boxes are constructed of an aluminum alloy that is corrosion-resistant as cast, without the need for protective coatings or finishes. Thomas & Betts CorroStall FS/FD conduit boxes

Thomas & Betts provides training for many of these products, including Ocal® Installation Certification Training. Your Graybar representative has all the facts.